Overweight Smaller Pineal Gland

Several studies have shown increasing Melatonin reduces body weight (See Natural Melatonin high food)

This study found that the PGV was significantly smaller in obese individuals than in lean controls (P=0.036).

PGV and waist-hip ratio showed a significant negative association in controls (P=0.018, rs=-0.602) whereas no association of both variables was found in obese individuals (P=0.856, rs=-0.051).

The investigation suggests that pineal gland function, reflected by PGV might be involved in the energy homeostasis and pathophysiological mechanisms that contribute to the development and the maintenance of obesity in humans.

Data supports the notion that the replacement of melatonin deficits might be a novel strategy in the treatment of obesity

The association of pineal gland volume and body mass in obese and normal weight individuals

This study Conclude:

Postmenopausal women demonstrate reduced nocturnal secretion of melatonin.

Melatonin supplementation has a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep and reduction of body weight.

The effect of melatonin supplementation on the quality of sleep and weight status in postmenopausal women

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