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Tumeric cures and prevents,Brain Tumors, Brain Cancer, Breast Cancer, 
Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Hepatic Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Colorectal cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, multiple myeloma, oral cavity cancer, pharynx cancer, larynx cancer, 
Head an Neck Cancer,

Turmeric Removes Fluoride From The Brain – Science Has Proven since 2004

“TURMERIC”- universally acknowledged as “Wonder drug of life”.Says “DECADES” Scientific Research THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER SPREADS DISINFORMATION Several Studies Prove TURMERIC REMOVES FLUORIDETURMERIC CURES AND PREVENTS CANCER AND MANY OTHER AILMENTS Fluoride (F) is probably the first inorganic ion which drew attention of the scientific world for its toxic effects and now the F toxicity through…

Cold Pressed Oil and why it’s healthier and nutritional

Organic Cold Pressed OilCold pressed oil HealthierWhat Oil to Cook withWhat is a smoking Point A continuation from my Article “No oil for plant based” a member asked “What can I use for frying” doing a lot more research it seems cold pressed oil is better as it is not heated below 49 degrees and…


The case started in 2015, first case proved Glyphosate in Bayer, Monsanto, Roundup cased cancer, available and used today, WHO consider it Non carcinogenic although 125,000 cancer patients have been paid $12 Billion, in 2022 available to buy over the counter: THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT US!
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    Fermented Food Indian Fermented Carrots Fermented Food Indian Fermented dishes are eaten daily. All across India and the World. Only Homemade will contain the important LIVE Micro – Biotics and Probiotics Perfect with Rice, Chappati or Parotha as a side or main. My first try was the Carrot Recipe posted below, I added Cauliflower and Ginger, I had no Fresh Turmeric. You will Need: 1. Peel and Slice the Carrots and Fresh Turmeric or Ginger 2. Add the Salt , Cayenne, Turmeric, Mustard Seeds. Stir 3. Garlic Leaves or Garlic and Ginger or and Turmeric 4. Stir and Jar upContinue reading “ACHAAR”
    Several Studies have shown adding fermented foods prevents many illnesses: Fermented foods are defined as foods or beverages produced through controlled microbial growth, and the conversion of food components through enzymatic action. Fermented Foods: Definitions and Characteristics, Impact on the Gut Microbiota and Effects on Gastrointestinal Health and Disease Science Says FermentingGreat for Health Historically, food fermentation was performed as a method of preservation, as the generation of antimicrobial metabolites (e.g., organic acids, ethanol and bacteriocins) reduces the risk of contamination with pathogenic microorganisms. Fermentation is also used to enhance the organoleptic properties (e.g., taste and texture), with some foods,Continue reading “FERMENTING – LIVE FOOD”
    Ingredients 2-3 Chinese leaf (2kg prepared weight) 40-60g Celtic salt (3% of the cabbage weight) 1 tbsp seaweed (I use wakame), lightly rinsed 1 carrot ½ leek 2 spring onions For the chilli paste 40g onion, chopped 40g garlic (10 cloves), peeled 5g ginger, chopped 1 small pear, cored and chopped 40g Korean chilli flakes (use less if you prefer it milder) You will also need 1 2-litre sterilised jar or Crock Pot: METHOD FERMENTER AUTOMATIC
    – If the Public Speak out on these Atrocities we are labelled Anti-Semitic I am ashamed to read UK celebrating a 75 Year relationship then reading how Palestine was stolen, and Watch a young man’s Story of arriving home from school, his grand mother thrown out of her home, furniture thrown in the street by a foreign army, The British Army. PALESTINE A SOVEREIGN STATE Currently the “State of Palestine” is officially recognized by the United Nations as a Non-Member Observer State, a status granted on November 29. 2012. The only other geographic entity currently holding this status is the HolyContinue reading “UK FULED WAR IN PALESTINE FOR 75 Years”
    A legal challenge to the aerosol poisoning is being mounted by the nation’s best constitutional and environmental legal team, led by the remarkable attorney Deana Pollard Sacks, who has more than 20 major legal publications, received international recognition, and has been cited in over 200 law review articles, treatises, federal and state-published court opinions (including the United States Supreme Court), practice manuals, and statutory annotations. In addition, her publications have been cited in many prestigious journals, including the Harvard Law Review, the Yale Law Journal, the Cornell Law Review, the California Law Review, the Northwestern University Law Review, the UniversityContinue reading “GEO ENGINEERING LAWSUIT AEROSOL POISONING”
  • Queen of Hearts – Remembering Princess Diana on 6th May 2023
    Won the hearts of Great British Public and the Entire World – NEVER FORGOTTEN Social Media has lit up with the Queen of Hearts beautiful smile. This Twitter post summed up our Queens life beautifully poignant and “Chilling” TRANSCRIPT OF THE EOLOGY Today, I think of Princess Diana, who died before she had a chance to escape as Prince Harry has successfully. Please take a moment to listen to Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer chilling Eulogy at her funeral. Full transcript below: “I stand before you today the representative of a family in grief, in a country in mourning beforeContinue reading “Queen of Hearts – Remembering Princess Diana on 6th May 2023”
    180 Scientist say 5G BAD FOR HUMANS LANCET SAYS 5G Causes Cancer WHO Say 5G Causes No Harm
    WHY ARE YOU PAYING FOR WATER? DWI – DRINKING WATER INSPECTORATE PUBLISHES HOW MUCH BACTERIA IS IN WATER., Also Issue The odd Fine which does not make a difference to multi billion pound investment companies. Much like ofgem financed by the very industry it issues compliance to. Every quarter the DWI issues a list of offences involving ECOLI and bacteria in water, very little fines and a promise to do better, while we pay extortionate prices for sewage laden water. ECOLI LIVES IN HUMAN INTESTINE andBRITISH DRINKING WATER It’s SHIT WHO ARE DWI? A DEFRA DEPARTMENT IN HIGH COURT onContinue reading “ECOLI IN DRINKING WATER – Water Companies DO NOTHING”
    Who is Silverfish? Trump on 9/11/01 and Trump on 9/13/01 are two very VERY different people. TWITTER TRUTHS “The 704 TREMENDOUS POWER.. A Twitter Thread reveals Trump footage in 11 September 2011, of Donald Trump “ Saying The Towers were “UNBELIEVABLE Powerful Building!” to be taken down to 2 Days Later the opposite on the 704; “It’s Tremendous power and Tremendous heat..” WHO IS SILVERFISH
    The Document Hidden from the public HOW HEATH SOLD UK’S SOVEREIGNTY Edward Heath, kept quiet about the findings in the early 70s, the document, known as FCO30/1048, was locked away under Official Secrets Act rules for almost five decades The Express The European Affairs Committee published a report on the UK-EU relationship 29th April 2023 Who is the European Affairs Committee THE GOVERNMENTS RESPONSE GHAND- “By Now we should be self Sufficient”
    The Good Law Project Taking The Government to High Court to Force Water Companies to Provide Clean Water on behalf of The Marine Conservation Society In 2021 alone, there were a whopping 372,533 sewage spills, over a period of 2.7 million hours according to the Environment Agency The Good Law Project The public trust doctrine offers an ancient anchor to support sovereign obligations to ensure access to and protection of public resources. The Public Trust Doctrine (PTD) has been recognised by the English Courts since at least 1299. The public trust doctrine is an ancient doctrine of public property lawContinue reading “THE PUBLIC TRUST DOCTRINE – WATER COMPANIES FAILING OBLIGATIONS – in HIGH COURT IN JULY 2023”
    THE BIGGEST FRAUD OF THE CENTURY David Gale EON PAYS £7671 AFTER 4 Years of Harassment, sending Enforcement with Fake Rights of Entry SIGN THE PETITION – We demand a criminal investigation of UK consumer energy companies #EnergyFraud Customer sues E.ON and Ofgem for £2 million A former Chief Information Officer and forensic records investigator, is suing E.ON and the government regulator Ofgem for £2 million. David Gale, known locally as Derby Dave, alleges that both E.ON and Ofgem knew that customer billing systems data had been corrupted but concealed the resulting volume of “They have all tried to keepContinue reading “EON, OFGEM, BEIS IN FRAUD INVESTIGATION £2 MILLION CLAIM – SIGN THE PETITION”
    THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM ON TRIAL: FAILING THE TATE BROTHERS and 2 ROMANIAN FEMALS INCARCERATED FOR For 3 MOTHS WITHOUT TRIAL -Relaesed after Appeal on 31st March 2023 “A TRIAL BASED ON WEAK EVIDENCE POLITICALLY MOTIVATED AN ATTEMPT TO SILENCE THE BROTHERS” This case is incredible, Mario Tweet explains the Story so far, but the question now is on the media and justice system itself. ANDREW TATE LGBT want me to disappear,Liberals want me to disappear, Big Pharma want me to disappearWar Mongers want me to disappear, Feminists want me to disappear ANDREW TATE ON TWITTER “THE CASE LOOKS VERYContinue reading “The TATE BROTHERS V FAKE NEWS”
    Natural Remedy Available in Asian Shops Fresh or Frozen or Powdered Health Benefits of Vallarai Keerai: Centella asiatica, known as Vallarai Keerai in Tamil, has several medicinal properties. It is rich in Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and minerals. It contains all the ingredients required for a healthy blood quality in the right proportions. Vallarai has been used as a brain tonic for ages and also has many other medicinal uses which makes it a wonder herb. Vallarai has been used as a medicine in the Ayurvedic tradition of India for thousands of years. Vallarai is a small succulentContinue reading “VALLARAI KARAI”
    “WOMEN WITH A PENIS SHOULD BE EXCLUDED“ says Equality for Human Rights Commission EHRC #BoycottMixedBathroom – HIT WOKE BUSINESSES WHERE IT HURTS 42% WOMEN IN UK TRANSWOMEN ARE BIOLOGICAL MEN SAYS EHRC Change EqA2010 Will Define Women’s Human Rights and adding “Biological Sex” EXCLUDING Transwomen from WOMEN ONLY SPACES. EHRC FULL RESPONSE Kemi Badenoch – There is a Private Unisex Disabled Bathroom in most businesses, Transwomen needs will be met., all Biological men have access to Men’s Bathroom. Baroness Kishwer Falkner of MargravineChairwoman Equality and Human Rights Commission in her letter to The Rt Hon Kemi Badenoch MP Minister forContinue reading “MEN ARE NOT WOMEN”
    True Size of Africa The most prevalent flat maps make Africa appear muchsmaller than it is On a flat map of the world, Greenland appears as big as Africa. In fact, Africa is 14 times larger. The distortion arises from a mathematical process, known as the Mercator projection, that converts the earth’s spherical surface to a handy two-dimensional rectangle. The result is that the area of landmasses becomes in-creasingly exaggerated toward the poles. Africa should be shown to be larger than many big countries taken together. To correct widespread misconceptions, Kai Krause, a designer and author, devised a puzzle toContinue reading “WORLD MAP DISTORTION”
    Published on Pubmed 2 Studies EGG YOLKS CURE COVID TIKTOK TRUTHS Immunoglobulin yolk targeting spike 1, receptor binding domain of spike LAYING HENS PRODUCE THE IgY – CURE FOR COVID NOVEMBER 2022 Our results demonstrated that S1,RBD,N-IgY was able to inhibit RBD-ACE2 binding interaction in vitro, suggesting its potential use in blocking virus entry. Our study also demonstrated proof-of-concept that laying hens were able to produce this specific IgY, which could block the viral binding and large production of this specific IgY is feasible. EGG SHORTAGE NOVEMBER 2022 EGGS CURE MULTIPLE COVID STRAINS
  • NO CLEAN WATER IN UK TILL 2025 – RE: Consultation on Strengthening Civil Sanctions
    HOW DO YOU SANCTION INVESTMENT COMPANIES – NO ACCOUNTABILITY England’s water: the world’s piggy bank England is one of the few countries in the world where water is fully owned by private companies. These companies answer to investors based thousands of miles away from their customers. “What we have here is just a crazy system,” said Kate Bayliss, from the department of economics at SOAS University of London and author of several papers on England’s privatised water. “We are managing our water in the interests of offshore investors.” A MUST READ ARTICLE: CONSULTATION – HAVE YOUR SAY: SEE THEContinue reading “NO CLEAN WATER IN UK TILL 2025 – RE: Consultation on Strengthening Civil Sanctions”
  • BRICS – LIBOR TO SOFR COMPLETES 30th June 2023 – THE END of “London Inter-Bank Offered Rate”
    Secured Overnight Financing Rate BRICS SUPPORT SOFR – NDB – NEW DEVELOPMENT BANK – FINANCED BY BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA, SOUTH AFRICA – ALSO UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, EGYPT, URUGUAY, SAUDI ARABIA, TURKEY WHAT IS LIBOR The London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) has been the most widely used interest rate benchmark in today’s financial system since the 1970s. The LIBOR coverage ranges from complex derivatives to residential mortgages, underlying over $370 trillion of transactions across the globe. Since 2008, significantly reduced volumes of interbank unsecured term borrowing are calling into question LIBOR’s ability to continue playing the central role of beingContinue reading “BRICS – LIBOR TO SOFR COMPLETES 30th June 2023 – THE END of “London Inter-Bank Offered Rate””
    SERIES: WHO OWNS YOUR MP? HOUSE SAID NO TO HYDROGEN “NITROS OXIDE – Water is not the only by product of HYDROGEN that is only the case when hydrogen is used in fuel cells” Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle “Will require a complete needless upheaval, requiring infrastructure change, boilers, metres, hobs, pipe work “ says Baroness Worthington Baroness Bennett “Burning Hydrogen in the Air produces Nitros Oxides a pollutant in its own right… Water is not the only by product, that is only the case when hydrogen is used in fuel cells” Watch the HOUSE OF LADIES AND LORDS OFContinue reading “HYDROGEN BILLIONAIRES PAY BORIS FAMILY RENT OF £13,500 – HOUSE OF LORDS said NO to Nitros Oxide HYDROGEN”
    “THE BURZYNSKI CLINIC CURES CANCER” TREATING CANCER SINCE 1977 Established in 1977, the Burzynski Clinic has grown to be a nationally and internationally recognized cancer center that provides cutting-edge cancer treatments.  For over 40 years, Dr. Burzynski’s cancer research and patient care has been inspired by the philosophy of the physician Hippocrates: ‘First, do no harm’. Therefore, our approach to treatment is ‘personalized’ in an attempt to maximize effectiveness and minimize side effects for each cancer patient. FDA – 5 GRAND JURYS TO DISPROVE CANCER CURE Stanislaw R. Burzynski, MD, PhD: Novel Cancer Research and the Fight to Prove ItsContinue reading “CANCER CURE DOCTORS FIGHT WITH FDA TO SAVE CHILDRENS LIVES”
    Greece, Italy, Egypt, India, Cambodia and elsewhere Ongoing investigations continue to show that the New York art museum is housing pieces it doesn’t have the rights ICIJ Under then-Director Thomas Hoving, the Met embarked on a vigorous buying spree in an effort to build out an antiquities collection that could match rivals in London and Paris. Over the following decades, the institution filled its halls and warehouses with treasures from Greece, Italy, Egypt, India, Cambodia and elsewhere. And seemingly more than it should. Today, governments, law enforcement officials and researchers have linked a mounting number of the Met’s relics toContinue reading “USA ART GALLERY LINKED TO LOOTERS AND TRAFFICKERS – RETURNING 1000 STOLEN RELICS”
  • EU Commissioner refuses to answer on Ursula von der Leyen’s C-19 contracts!
    “If the Age of Enlightenment has brought forth anything, it is surely this: Never take anything a government tells you at face value!” MEP Christine Anderson (AfD) CHRISTINE ANDERSON MEP of the INVESTIGATION COMMITTEE FOR COVID 19 asked “about the entanglement of EU-Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and her husband during the C-19 contract negotiations with Big-Pharma”” “Mrs. Jourová answered me that the EU-Commission as well as Mrs. von der Leyen were not involved in any negotiations, which is a blatant lie.” Christine Anderson MEP “WITH ALL DUE RESPECT THIS IS A BLATANT LIE:” Watch Christine Anderson Grill EUContinue reading “EU Commissioner refuses to answer on Ursula von der Leyen’s C-19 contracts!”
    TRUTH ON TWITTER SPACES A TWEET : “BREAKING @elonmusk shut down this pro-censorship BBC reporter and left him scrambling on how to justify his own questions on misinformation and the supposed rise in hate speech.” LISTEN RECORDED LIVE” Interviewer Claims to see more hate speech on Twitter, ELON REPEATEDLY ASK THE BBC INTERVIEWER TO PROVE HIS CLAIM “JUST GIVE ME ONE EXAMPLE, YOU CANT GIVE ME ONE EXAMPLE, NOT EVEN ONE, YET CLAIMED THE HATEFUL CONTENT WAS HIGH, THATS FALSE!” ELON MUSK INTERVIEWING THE BBC INTERVIEWER #EXPOSED #BBC TWITTER TRUTHS / TIKTOK TRUTH WATCH THE LIVE BROADCAST Updated: VideoContinue reading “BREAKING: BBC LIED LIVE ON AIR TO ELON MUSK”
    “Europe must resist pressure to become ‘America’s followers” say Macron “ USA NARRATIVE MUST NOT PREDICT EU’S FATE The great risk “Europe faces is that it gets caught up in crises that are not ours, which prevents it from building its strategic autonomy,” Emmanuelle Macron “After an extended meeting with Chinese President Xi, French President Macron states that “Europe must reduce its dependency on the US”, and is looking to establish “autonomy” from the US and to become a “Third Superpower”. EU’s von der Leyen to visit China April 5-7 reported in Reuters “a trip that immediately follows her commentsContinue reading “FRANCE DROPPING US DOLLAR , NO MORE WW3 – WILL EU FOLLOW – WILL BBC TELL THE TRUTH?”
  • YUAN RISES AS THE US$ FALLS A Changing World Order
    65,000 tonnes of LNG imported from the UAE changed hands TotalEnergies confirmed to Reuters that the transaction involved LNG imported from the UAE but did not comment further. Russia has increasingly embraced the yuan amid Western sanctions. During a visit to the Saudi capital Riyadh in December President Xi Jinping announced that China would “make full use” of the Shanghai exchange as a platform to carry out yuan settlements of oil and gas trades. Andrew Hayley for Reuters THE COLLAPSE OF THE PETRODOLLAR The information below comes from the book Principals for Dealing with a Changing World Order by Ray Dalio. TheContinue reading “YUAN RISES AS THE US$ FALLS A Changing World Order”
    BEIS INCREASED OCTOPUS LOAN FROM £1.68 BILLION TO £3.9 BILLION In the High Court Press release the ruling states; “subsidy was a proportionate response to a national or global economic emergency, namely the Russian invasion of Ukraine” The King (on the application of British Gas Trading Limited and others) v Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero “The High Court gives judgment on the application of British Gas Trading Limited (BGT), Scottish Power Energy Retail Limited (SP) and E.ON UK plc (E.ON) (and associated companies) for permission to bring a claim for judicial review to challenge two decisionsContinue reading “NET ZERO WINS Against BG, SP, EON – DEFENCE “RUSSIA: UKRAINE” War!”
    WHO IS NET ZERO or BEIS MAKING A MOCKERY OF UK PUBLIC .. Without Natural Rivers, Natural Occurring Fossil Fuel, Planting Trees and supporting Local Farms RIGHTS OF NATURE IGNORED IN NET ZERO NET ZERO – NZS – NET ZERO STRATEGY BEIS – DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY STRATEGY THE NET ZERO = ZERO NATURAL RESOURCES The BRICS have a combined area of 39,746,220 km2(15,346,100 sq mi) and an estimated total population of about 3.21 billion,[3] or about 26.7% of the world’s land surface and 41.5% of the global population. Brazil, Russia, India, and China are among the world’s tenContinue reading “UK PLAYS BRICK ‘n’BRAC with US and EU – NEW SUPERPOWERS BRICS BANK GROWS”
  • UK Government revealed that the triple+ vaccinated population accounted for 92% of Covid-19 deaths
    9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths in England over the past two years were Vaccinated The overdue dataset from the ONS is titled ‘Deaths by Vaccination Status, England, 1 April 2021 to 31 December 2022 ‘, and it can be accessed on the ONS site here and downloaded here. Below is how the figures look, clearly showing an increasing death rate amongst the vaccinated and deaths amongst the Non Vaccinated decreasing: BizNews took the figures provided by the ONS and have produced the following chart showing Covid-19 deaths per month by vaccination status in England between 1st April 2021 andContinue reading “UK Government revealed that the triple+ vaccinated population accounted for 92% of Covid-19 deaths”
  • BREAKING: FDA confirms Graphene Oxide is in the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines after being forced to publish Confidential Pfizer Documents by order of the US Federal Court
    The Covid-19 vaccines have been at the centre of a heated debate since their introduction, with many questions and concerns raised about their safety and effectiveness. Speculation has also been rife that the Covid-19 injections may contain traces of Graphene Oxide, a highly toxic and conductive substance.  Medicine regulators, with the support of the Mainstream Media, have repeatedly denied these claims.  But they were lying to you.  Because recent evidence has emerged that confirms the presence of Graphene Oxide, a highly toxic and conductive substance, in the Pfizer vaccine. And it has come from the US Food and Drug AdministrationContinue reading “BREAKING: FDA confirms Graphene Oxide is in the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines after being forced to publish Confidential Pfizer Documents by order of the US Federal Court”
    “THE VACCINE CLAIM IS WORTH MUCH MORE THAN £120,000” said Hausfeld Law Firm JOIN THE CLASS ACTION CLAIMS AGAINST ASTRA ZENECA FOR INJURY CAUSED BY COVID VACCINE The claim is being pursued on a no-fault basis under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 on the basis that the vaccine was a defective product in that it was not as safe as consumers generally were reasonably entitled to expect. The Claimants in the group all suffered serious injury from blood clots caused by the vaccine including fatal injury, clots in the brain, lungs, heart, limbs and throughout the body. This caused strokes, seizures, cardiacContinue reading “ASTRA ZENiCA INJURIES – ONLY 1 YEAR LEFT TO JOIN THE CLASS ACTION”
    The London boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Harrow and Hillingdon and Surrey County Council “The upset, pain and anxiety this has caused locally is immense, which is why, even at this late stage, I once again call on the Mayor to withdraw this spiteful proposal.” Councillor Colin Smith, Leader of Bromley Council The coalition will challenge the expansion in the High Court on five grounds: 1.Failure to comply with relevant statutory requirements Schedule 23 to the Greater London Authority Act 1999 governs the making of “charging schemes.” The Mayor decided to extend ULEZ by varying the existing scheme (which applies to innerContinue reading “ULEZ HIGH COURT CHALLENGE BY 5 LONDON COUNCILS TAKING ON TfL and SADIQ KHAN”
    Studies suggest that a number of children who attended the GIDS clinic later regretted the decision and subsequently wish to de-transition. If you have concerns about your (or your child’s) clinical experience at GIDS at Tavistock or if you believe you should never have been prescribed hormone treatment in the first place, please get in touch with our lawyers who will be able to help and guide you through the process. Make Your Claim NHS EXPERIMENTING ON THE MENTALLY ILL Targeting Vulnerable Young Gays, “After 4 appointments persuaded to take irreversible life changing drugs” and a horrifyingly a Double Masectomy!Continue reading “TRANSGENDERS RUSHED TO TAKE PUBERTY BLOCKERS in a 1000+ LITIGATION V NHS TAVISTOCK HOSPITAL”
    Legal Rights of Nature initiatives are growing globally, with recent examples including deforestation in Ecuador halted for breach of nature’s rights[3a] and the Whanganui River in New Zealand being granted legal personhood.[4] The power of these initiatives rests, at least partially, in their potential to change the way that people think. Rights of Nature: what are they, where do they come from, and why are they important? LETS CLEAR UP THE CONFUSION RIGHTS OF NATURE is a climate change issue; Governments are using climate change to over charge residents on Council Tax and ridiculous charges such as ULEZ, CAZ, ZEZ,Continue reading “RIGHTS OF NATURE”
  • SPIRULUNA – Anti Cancer, Viral and Oxidant, Diabetes..
    HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS -Blue Spirulina is gram for gram, the most nutrient-dense food on the planet. It contains nutrients you won’t find anywhere else and boasts powerful anti-inflammatory and free-radical fighting properties. It’s low in calories and rich in iron, copper, magnesium and B vitamins which help boost energy levels. Blue spirulina is one of few plant-based complete proteins, making it perfect for vegan diets! THE SCIENCE AND HEALING BENEFITS On NCBI 1. Introduction Spirulina is a microscopic and filamentous cyanobacterium that derives its name from the spiral or helical nature of its filaments. It has a long history of use asContinue reading “SPIRULUNA – Anti Cancer, Viral and Oxidant, Diabetes..”
  • COPPER – Electroculture
    DRINK FROM COPPER Bottle – £19.99 Ayurveda benefits essential allows drinking water to rest in the jug over night for health benefits What is Electroculture? Electroculture is the an ancient practice of increasing yields utilizing certain materials to harvest the earth’s atmospheric energy. This was presented in 1749 by Abbe Nollett, in the 1920s by Justin Christofleau, and 1940s by Viktor Schauberger. This energy is always present and all around us also known as Chi, Prana, Life force, and Aether Read More Justin Christofleau- Electroculture is a method of applying atmospheric electricity to the fertilization of plant life, and has,Continue reading “COPPER – Electroculture”
    “Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease Research A Historical Analysis of Internal Industry Documents” “This Special Communication uses internal sugar industry documents to describe how the industry sought to influence the scientific debate over the dietary causes of CHD in the 1950s and 1960s, a debate still reverberating in 2016.” “Early warning signals of the coronary heart disease (CHD) risk of sugar (sucrose) emerged in the 1950s. We examined Sugar Research Foundation (SRF) internal documents, historical reports, and statements relevant to early debates about the dietary causes of CHD” In the 1960s, the sugar industry funded research that downplayed theContinue reading “SUGAR INDUSTRY “BLAMED FATS” 50 YEARS AGO FOR HEART DISEASE – Says 9 Year Old Study:”
  • EXPOSED – Who Votes For You and Against You
    All information available online On November 30th, 2022 House of Lords was Voting in a Procurement Bill, regulations on where a third of public money, £300 BILLION per year is spent. See how they all Vote, publicly available online, who want’s parliamentary favours, who wants Great British Public to flourish, who is happy for companies involved in GENOCIDE AND ORGAN HARVESTING to continue trading and who is humane! 1. VIP’ lanes for future contracts The first vote was on amendment 72, which ensures there is no preferential treatment on suppliers connected to or recommended by members of the House ofContinue reading “EXPOSED – Who Votes For You and Against You”
  • Frequency Healing – Cancer Research UK??
    Rife Frequency As Cancer research say on there site: Royal Raymond Rife developed the Rife machine in the 1920s. He was an American scientist. The machine is also called a Rife frequency generator. “Supporters of the Rife machine say there aren’t any side effects” Invented 102 Years ago “Testimonials” from the cured available on many websites, Cancer Research continue… “The Rife machine hasn’t been through the usual process of scientific testing” See the undeniable evidence and Frequency equipment available today iTera Wand iTera Physiotherapy WandPro $4200Premium $1260Home $420 Integrates 3 in 1 CoreTechnology⚡️ Terahertz⚡️ Scalar Wave⚡️ OpticalQuartz Order Here:Telegram TherapeuticContinue reading “Frequency Healing – Cancer Research UK??”
    A court order issued by Dr Craig Wright for BSV Bitcoin Satoshi Vision to Cøbra..
  • Masaru Emoto – Water Study
    Masuru Emoto passed away in 2014 Masuru Emoto prived water was a “blueprint for our reality” and that emotional “energies” and “vibrations” could change its physical structure. His water crystal experiments consisted of exposing water in glasses to various words, pictures, or music, then freezing it and examining the ice crystals’ aesthetic properties with microscopic photography. He claimed that water exposed to positive speech and thoughts created visually “pleasing” ice crystals, and that negative intentions yielded “ugly” ice formations. Frequency and Vibration produced from our thoughts change the molecules of water. Messages in Water Make Moon Water Decades of ResearchContinue reading “Masaru Emoto – Water Study”
  • “Stolen Bitcoin Seized Miners Shutdown” – Dr Craig Wright
    In article by Dr Craig Wright in 2019, Dr Wright clearly outlines the Bitcoin Core Steal and how it will be claimed back: “In 2020, we will start to see a lot of large addresses that have been associated with the proceeds of crime starting to be seized. Exchanges who refuse to act on orders will be shut down and the assets seized” Dr Craig Wright Miners who refuse to act on court orders will be shut down and the assets seized. The result will be a consensus of miners, exchanges, and businesses that are willing to act within theContinue reading ““Stolen Bitcoin Seized Miners Shutdown” – Dr Craig Wright”
  • Cointelegrah CONFIRM Craig Wright is “Legendary” Satoshi
    In an article titled “Why Craig Wright Is Not Satoshi Nakamoto” a Cointelegraph article goes in to prove Dr Craig Wright is Satoshi: “When the community has learned that Craig Wright, an entrepreneur from Australia claims he was Satoshi Nakamoto, the legendary author of Bitcoin’s whitepaper and protocol, people started taking sides on the issue. Many believe the evidence provided by Wright. The claim was made stronger by Gavin Andersen, one of the core Bitcoin developers, who commented: “I was flown to London to meet Dr. Wright a couple of weeks ago, after an initial email conversation convinced me thatContinue reading “Cointelegrah CONFIRM Craig Wright is “Legendary” Satoshi”
  • Facebook Meta Failing – BSV Developing on Real “Metaverse”
    More than a Name: Uncomfortable headsets and a loss of $10Billion advertising revenue has meant Facebook Metaverse is failing. BSV Blockchain Report Success: Blockchain is Fundamental Only BSV is Capable The Metaverse relies on identity, location,data, and monetization for maximumpotential, and global revolution.The Metaverse relies on location, data,identity, and monetization for maximumpotential, and global revolution.• Scale, Speed, Cost, StabilitySecurity, Trust, Verification• History, Provenance, Transparency BSV IN THE GAMING INDUSTRY: Most people have heard of VR – virtual reality – and AR – augmented reality. VR is about going somewhere else, a virtually created world, for example, Second Life or WorldContinue reading “Facebook Meta Failing – BSV Developing on Real “Metaverse””
  • Flat Earth Map
    A German Telegram Channel has revealed a map of Earth as reflected on the Moon, showing the World within the Icewall. First Appearance on Telegram First Full Drawing Revealed on 18th August: The Author explains: “On the right side I have explained the phases of the moon” “The phases of the moon” “schematic” “New Moon” “The angle of radiation of the sun from the black hole is large. Sun and moon are close to each other and in the same constellation. The cone-shaped refraction of the sun completely cancels out that of the moon.” North: Moon image south: moon imageContinue reading “Flat Earth Map”
  • The Bitcoin Association for BSV appoints two new ambassadors in India
    In press release on 30th August 2022 Bitcoin Association Announces to New Appointees from India The Bitcoin Association for BSV has appointed two new BSV Ambassadors as part of its global ambassador programme. Mallikarjun Karra and Parimal Priyadarshi join the ecosystem as ambassadors in India. Zug Switzerland, Tuesday 30 August 2022: The Bitcoin Association for BSV has appointed two new BSV Ambassadors as part of its global ambassador programme. Mallikarjun Karra and Parimal Priyadarshi join the ecosystem as ambassadors in India. The new ambassadors share experience in the blockchain industry and are a valuable part of the BSV ecosystem. Their help to drive adoption and awareness of the global enterpriseContinue reading “The Bitcoin Association for BSV appoints two new ambassadors in India”
    A superb article courtesy of XRP Family gives a great intro to the team behind BSV Blockchain Global Advisory Council: The BSV blockchain is an enterprise-grade distributed information community for giant enterprise and government-scale functions.  Working with an information protocol that works successfully with IPv6 (the newest Web protocol), the BSV community scales unbounded to help excessive volumes of information and cost transactions at minimal price – demonstrating throughput of fifty,000 to 100,000 transactions per second with upcoming node software program and median transaction charges which can be a small fraction of a U.S. cent. From a technical perspective, BSV presents micropayment, sensibleContinue reading “BSV BLOCKCHAIN ADVISORY Council”
  • £339 Billion! Fines in Banking
    Banking fines on the increase amongst the Biggest High Street Banks in England, such as Barclays, NatWest, Lloyds and HSBC, with some disturbing Criminal offences such as Market Manipulation and Money Laundering, Price Fixing, Criminal Offences left unjustified. NatWest £702 Million in Fines including Money Laundering and Market Manipulation Barclays £284 Million Market Manipulation Fine Lloyd £467 Million in Fines Lloyds £3Billion Investigation into 2 Senior Managers and leaking information to the police Industry: financial servicesPenalty Total since 2000: $339,976,074,213Number of Records: 6,952Note: The totals include only those entries matched to a parent company. The industry designation is the primaryContinue reading “£339 Billion! Fines in Banking”
  • Craig Wright Confirmed to Be Satoshi Nakamoto
    In footage hidden in the depths of CNBC, Tech Section, on 8th December 2021, CNBC wrote: “Miami jury rules in favor of Craig Wright, who claimed to invent bitcoin” Dr Craig Wright Is creator of Bitcoin in a series of events the Bitcoin name was Stolen my Organisations and forced to rename the original BTC to BSV FOLLOW US ON TELEGRAM Learn the full Story in 5hr 55 min Video Watch KEY POINTS Australian computer scientist Craig Wright prevailed in a Miami civil case that pitted him against the family of his late business partner and computer forensics expert, DavidContinue reading “Craig Wright Confirmed to Be Satoshi Nakamoto”
  • Police leak – Lloyds Bank Fraud
    Bristol Police investigation reopens as Senior Managers and Police colluded to cover up £3Billion fraud over 100 cases. At Lloyd’s Annual General meeting 2 board member reveal: Total Bank Fines $339 Billion FRAUD CORRUPTION LEAKING EVIDENCE POLICE INVESTIGATED Watch: The BBC reported in February “We can confirm we have received a complaint from a member of the public alleging serious corruption.” “Documents appear to show that information about a confidential meeting between two senior officers and alleged victim, Kashif Shabir, was passed to the bank without his knowledge. The documents show that Lloyds executives wrote in an internal memo: “TheyContinue reading “Police leak – Lloyds Bank Fraud”
  • Celsius File Lawsuit against Keyfi
    Stone and KeyFi have stolen Celsisus property worth millions of dollars using Tornado Cash In there response to Kefi Action bought by Kyle Roche Firm; Freezing Celsius Funds and bankrupting Celsius, on 23rd August 2022 Celsius filed a law suit against Ex Partner Kefi – Yesterday damning video footage released by Cryptoleaks Kyle Roche also partner Emin Gün Sirer, of Avalance, Ava Labs, gloats how he and partner bought lawsuits on companies for “Sport” Reuters Reported: “Celsius accused Jason Stone and his company KeyFi Inc of “gross negligence” and “extraordinarily inept” crypto investing, after Stone falsely portrayed himself as aContinue reading “Celsius File Lawsuit against Keyfi”
  • XRP Lawyer uses Unscrupulous Tactics
    “Brad Garlinghouse lit the fuse” RIPPLES, Garlinghouse “Surpisingly” invested in infamous law firm Roche Friedman Video Footage with a gloating Kyle Roche, Lawyer, Avalanche , Emin Gün Sirer, reveals how they used unscrupulous tactics against competitors for “Sport” Before Kyle Roche founded Roche Freedman and made a pact with Ava Labs, he was a relatively lowly associate at the law firm Boies Schiller Flexner. They were representing Ripple, who were defending a lawsuit claiming their XRP token was an illegal security. According to Kyle, he proposed to their CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, that he create a new law firm that wouldContinue reading “XRP Lawyer uses Unscrupulous Tactics”
  • EXPOSED – Ava Labs case against Satoshi Was for “Sport”
    In revealing undercover footage reported on cryptoleaks EXPOSING the CEO of Cryptocurrency firm Avalanche, Emin Gün Sirer and partner, Lawyer and freind Roche Freedman, changing the course of not only BSV put the entire “Financial Industry” by bringing cases with the “sole purpose of causing harm competitors” Lawyer admits in an interview owner of Awalance was “Jealous” of Dr Craig Wright and “enjoyed watching the the coin decline from 5th Position on exchanges” to currently 48. Buy BSV NO EXCHANGE REQUIRED Through his attacks on Craig Wright, Kyle Roche boasts how he helped massively devalue the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)Continue reading “EXPOSED – Ava Labs case against Satoshi Was for “Sport””
  • BItcoinSV Accepted!
    BSV infrastructure is growing with businesses adding to the Bitcoin infrastructure daily … All Around the World … According to CryptTwerks Directory (at the time of publishing) BitcoinSV has 410 Merchants accepting BSV payments. Watch BSV Grow….
  • Crypto Exchanges WARNED
    “the Supreme Court has made clear that the economic realities of a product—not the labels—determine whether it is a security under the securities laws.” Gary Gensler SEC “Just as Satoshi has long predicted – SEC chief Gary Gensler fires warning shot at ‘crypto’ companies” said the entrepreneur and freind of Dr Craig Wright in a Tweet today: In an article by Coingeek – SEC chief Gary Gensler fires warning shot at ‘crypto’ companies Gary Gensler is coming after digital currency companies. In his recent opinion piece published on the Wall Street Journal, the chairman of the U.S. Securities and ExchangeContinue reading “Crypto Exchanges WARNED”
  • The Super Radiance Effect
    “…. superradiance is a phenomenon that occurs when a group of Nemitters, such as excited atoms, interact with a common light field Wiki The Carebears Demonstrating Super Radiance – Working Together A worldwide group of loosely affiliated individuals and organisations are quietly creating world peace through a natural phenomenon called the ‘Super Radiance’ effect.The term Super Radiance denotes the positive and immediate impact that small groups of specially trained meditators, known as TM-Sidhas have on open warfare, terrorism, political violence, crime levels and other symptoms of social disorder.This report summarises, in more or less chronological order, the course of fifty-oneContinue reading “The Super Radiance Effect”
  • Satoshi In Court against a Cartoon Cat
    Update 31.08.22: Norway Central Bank considering UNISOT on BSV Blockchain Defamation Case pending by Dr Craig Wright and Nchain, on 12th September 2022 in Norway. Coindesk suggesting Microstrategy donated 47 Bitcoin to defamer Hodlonaut, misleading investors: Several members of the crypto community have shown their support for Hodlonaut with the social media hashtag #WeAreAllHodlonaut. Michael Saylor, the CEO of business-intelligence software developer and bitcoin investor MicroStrategy (MSTR), posted the hashtag on Twitter on the same day the 47 bitcoin donation was received. Read the full article Microstrategy Investor’s should take note, this is how there hard earned money is investedContinue reading “Satoshi In Court against a Cartoon Cat”
  • Craig Wright Wins Defamation – He Is Satoshi Nakamoto
    See Also Lord Currie defends 240K In £9.9 Billion Case Peter McCormack Karma On 24 Oct 2020 Coingeek reported: Tether pulls support for Peter McCormack in Craig Wright libel case following discovery, McCormack was trying his best to have the case struck out before evidential discovery could begin in the case. Because of the subject of the lawsuit, discovery was expected to produce evidence—from either side—that Wright was or was not Satoshi Nakamoto. McCormack was found guilty on all charges of defamation against Craig Wright. – The judge did agree that Wright’s side proved to the court that McCormack’s defamationContinue reading “Craig Wright Wins Defamation – He Is Satoshi Nakamoto”
  • Bitcoin Satoshi Vision v BTC
    BSV How Bitcoin Became BSV How to buy BSV Bitcoin White Paper Who Is the Satoshi Nakamoto The company behind BSV Patents What will happen to Cryptocurrency Join The Bitcoin Academy BSV v BTC Class Action What is Blockchain How Bitcoin BTC became BSV BSV is not available on “Cryptocurrency Exchanges” please read “BSV Class Action. BSV is Peer to Peer, therefore exchanges banks or any third party organisations are not required: How to buy, spend and Store BSV Some Apps you will create: Legacy Address ($Your Name) A Paymail Andress (your name @ This will enable you toContinue reading “Bitcoin Satoshi Vision v BTC”
  • 240,000 BSV Investors in £9.9 Billion Class Action Against, Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Block Inc, Bittylicious, Kraken and Shapeshift
    Update: NOTICE OF PUBLIC PROCEEDINGS “Landmark case claims: ‘Crypto’ exchanges colluded to damage prospects of BSV and caused financial loss to thousands” BSV V BTC The claim is brought in the Competition Appeal Tribunal (“CAT”) on behalf of an estimated 240,000 U.K. investors in Bitcoin Satoshi Vision(“BSV”). The claim, a legal first in competition law applying to the digital assets sector, seeks an opt-out collective proceedings order (“CPO”) on behalf of the estimated 240,000 investors. Buy BSV The claims are brought under Article 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (“TFEU”) and/or pursuant to the ChapterContinue reading “240,000 BSV Investors in £9.9 Billion Class Action Against, Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Block Inc, Bittylicious, Kraken and Shapeshift”
  • There is NO Climate Emergency – 1100 WCD Scientist PROVE
    Godfrey Bloom “Climate is Cooling” “Stop before you Bankrupt the world economy” to European Parliament. Watch 1 minute Video WORLD CLIMATE DECLARATION There is no climate emergency, say the authors, who are drawn from across the world and led by the Norwegian physics Nobel Prize laureate Professor Ivar Giaever. Climate science is said to have degenerated into a discussion based on beliefs, not on sound self-critical science. The scale of the opposition to modern day ‘settled’ climate science is remarkable, given how difficult it is in academia to raise grants for any climate research that departs from the political orthodoxy.Continue reading “There is NO Climate Emergency – 1100 WCD Scientist PROVE”
  • Bob Boyce Hydrogen Engine
    What Is Hydroxy Gas Water is Life Free Plans to Further mankind – Download PDF Shop for Parts Hydroxy Gas: The term Hydroxy Gas? is a declared trademark that describes a blend of hydrogen and oxygen gas that is generated by catalytic cells of the Bob Boyce? design. This term was originally coined byBob Boyce?, and was openly declared as a trademark by Bob Boyce? prior to 2006. Non-commercial use of this term by thepublic is permitted and encouraged. However, all COMMERCIALrights to the use of this declared trademark are reserved for use by Bob Boyce?, his licensees and/or assignees.Continue reading “Bob Boyce Hydrogen Engine”
  • Hydrogen Energy
    UK to be Powered by Carbon Free Water Technology Bob Boyce Hydrogen Engine Plans Fuel Free Self Powered Generator Patent Energy Free Generator Patent Water Pipes Produce Electric – GHD – has secured funding from UK Government- Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for a project aiming to demonstrate the use of an innovative hydrogen storage system. The project is in partnership with LAVO Hydrogen Storage Technology Pty Ltd, with the provision of a demonstrator location supported by the University of Chester, Thornton Science Park What is hydrogen?  Hydrogen is the most abundant element, accounting for approximately 90Continue reading “Hydrogen Energy”
  • Small Self-Powered Generator
    Fuel Free Self Powered Generator Patent Energy Free Generator Patent Water Pipes Produce Electric Bob Boyce Hydrogen Engine Plans A free-energy developer working in South Africa where it is difficult to find electronic components, has very kindly shared the details of his compact self-powered generator so that you can build one if you choose to do so. Using a small inverter, the output of the prototype is 40 watts at mains voltage and frequency and the generator is a small table-top unit which is not difficult to build. The generator uses five small 12-volt 7 Amp-Hour lead-acid batteries like this:Continue reading “Small Self-Powered Generator”
  • Energy-free generator device
    Make a Self Powered Generator Bob Boyce Hydrogen Engine Plans Abandoned Patent: An energy-free generator device is comprised of a body, which a driving motor and two generators installed inside the body. The driving motor and two generators are connected by a belt, and the driving motor also connected with a battery. Using the battery to start the driving motor and then the driving motor drives the two generators. Finally, the driving motor can continually run with the electrical energy from generators. Therefore, the energy-free generator device can supply power to electric products without driving by gasoline or electricalContinue reading “Energy-free generator device”
  • Fuel Free And Self Powered Generator
    Patent: Cited By: Free Energy Generator The invention of this generator consists of 12 volts car generator, a 12 volts mowing tractor battery, and a 12 volts DC electric motor. On the board is attached an On/Off switch, a car cigarette lighter, and a power inverter to provide 120 V AC current to run appliances or powered tools. [0002]When the On/Off switch is turned on the 12 volts DC motor, witch is attached directly to the generator, will run the generator to generate electricity. The generator supplies the power to charge the battery, run the motor, and supply theContinue reading “Fuel Free And Self Powered Generator”
  • Water Pipes Generate Electric
    So why doesn’t your Water Metre? Or does it? For about £12 you can buy a water generator that fits to your water pipes, dimensions and size similar to a water meter producing anything from 10W to larger models producing 3000W and more.. Hydro Electric Water Flow Power Generator Turbine for DIY  DC12V 10WGenerate electricity from water pressure Description:Start generating electricity with this highly efficient Hydroelectric Generator.Simply connect your water pipe to the input inlet, the image of the arrow on the generator represents the water flow direction.
  • Bisphenol -BPA cause Cancer
    BPA is considered safe to be used in food packaging by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and UK Food Standards Agency (FSA), and FDA Bisphenol A (BPA) is a plasticizer used widely in many industrial products and is now well established as an endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC). BPA readily leaches out from these products into the environment and into foodstuffs (from packaging materials) and human exposure can be considerable. Many studies have shown that BPA exposure is associated with a range of chronic human health conditions: diabetes cardiovascular disorders polycystic ovarian disease hepatotoxicity various types of cancer. Found in: BabyContinue reading “Bisphenol -BPA cause Cancer”
  • Beneficial Compounds of TURMERIC
    Beneficial Compounds in Turmeric that Promote a Healthy Brain: Turmeric contains numerous polyphenolcompounds. They are potent antioxidants and some are also anti-inflammatory substances (especially curcumin). Important to the central nervous system, curcuminoids in turmeric are small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier. (iv.4, 5, 27, 30, 34-47) Expert neurologists suggest that substances like those found in turmeric can help treat and heal the central nervous system and restore brain health. Studies show that turmeric’s curcumin compound’s beneficial activity in the brain includes: (iv.3-6, 10, 11, 27, 30, 34-47) Antioxidant protection from free radicals. Suppressing activation and overexcitement of brain immune system cells. Reducing inflammation. Protecting cell mitochondria. Stimulating neurotrophic growth factorssuch as BDNF. TheseContinue reading “Beneficial Compounds of TURMERIC”
  • TURMERIC For Brain Health
    Damaging Effects of Excitotoxicity Turmeric’s Brain-Boosting Compounds BRAIN AND MOOD DISORDERS Alzheimer’s DiseaseMultiple sclerosis AnxietyNeuropathic pain Bipolar disorder NeurosisChronic Stress Obsessive-compulsive behavior (OCD) Creutzfeldt-Jacob (mad cow) disease Parkinson’s disease Depression Schizophrenia Encephalomyelitis Spinal injury Encephalopathy (diabetic and hepatic) Stroke EpilepsyWernicke-Korsakoff syndrome Can turmeric help prevent or treat the symptoms of dementia, mood disorders, and damaged nerves? As in other areas of the body, a healthy brain and nervous system are closely regulated and biochemically balanced. In basic terms, neurological disorders and brain damage can occur when the brain cells are overexcited and can’t seem to recover homeostasis, or balance. (iv.1-26) Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and beneficialContinue reading “TURMERIC For Brain Health”
  • How clean is Bottled Water
    Below you will see 2 Tests on The Acidity, Alkaline and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels in bottled tap and freshly distilled and distilled water stored in a plastic bottle; “We are testing Tap water Smart water Evian water Distilled water using a electrolyzer, we also tested pH and TDS/PPM. Electrocoagulation breaksthe electrical bonds that hold particles insuspension in the water, revealing what’s in thewaters.Buy a distiller to purify the junk in tapwater for you and your family, only settle for the best water notones that are detrimental to you and loved ones. We shouldn’t be drinking water full ofContinue reading “How clean is Bottled Water”
    In 132 Studies over 22 years Scientist, Doctors and researchers have proven ASPARTAME causes: Cancer Oxidative Stress Chronic Systemic Inflammation, Inflammation in EVERY Cell Fetal Exposure Increases Cancer Risk Brain Neuroinflammation – Affecting Learning and Memory WEIGHT GAIN Kidney Issues Liver Problems Heart Dysfunction FDA APPROVED Aspartame Aspartame is approved for use in food as a nutritive sweetener. Aspartame brand names include Nutrasweet®, Equal®, and Sugar Twin®. It does contain calories, but because it is about 200 times sweeter than table sugar, consumers are likely to use much less of it. FDA approved aspartame in 1981 (46 FR 38283) for uses, under certain conditions, as aContinue reading “ASPARTAME – DANGERS!”
  • UK Water Corps Revenue £12 Billion in 2022 – Water Ban NOT Acceptable
    In Some cases 90% Profits! TUB Temporary Water Ban The biggest and highest earner Thames Value let’s down 15 million users by introducing water ban Environment Secretary George Eustice has met chief executives of water companies to discuss their response to the prolonged dry weather and what they are doing to safeguard supplies. “All water companies have reassured me that water supplies remain resilient across the country. Each company has a pre-agreed drought plan which they are following, and I have urged them to take any precautionary steps needed to protect essential supplies as we go into a likely veryContinue reading “UK Water Corps Revenue £12 Billion in 2022 – Water Ban NOT Acceptable”
  • 99% of Breast Cancer Contained Parabens
    Parabens is the name given to a group of p-hydroxybenzoic acid (PHBA) esters. Parabeens are used in over 22,000 cosmetics as preservatives at concentrations up to 0.8% (mixtures of parabens) or up to 0.4% (single paraben). The group includes Industry estimates of the daily use of cosmetic products that may contain parabens were 17.76 g for adults and 378 mg for infants. Parabens in cosmetic formulations applied to skin penetrate the stratum corneum in inverse relation to the ester chain length. “ parabens have been measured as present in 99% of human breast tissue samples, possess oestrogenic activity and canContinue reading “99% of Breast Cancer Contained Parabens”
  • Nestle Water Controversy The State of Maine sued Poland Spring in 2003 for false advertising. The water from the Poland springs is common groundwater
    Nestle hired hydro-geologists to investigate the water’s origin. They discovered that the source of Poland Spring is a former trash dump, below an illegal disposal site, and that human sewage has been used for years as fertilizer. After the investigation, Nestle agreed to pay a settlement that includes a $10 million donation to charity over 5 years. Despite this, Poland Spring continues to sell The Class Action Read the 325 page Document The “Poland Spring” Is Not a Source of Water Used in Defendant’s Poland Spring Water Products, and the Water Collected by Wells at Defendant’s Poland Spring, Maine SiteContinue reading “Nestle Water Controversy The State of Maine sued Poland Spring in 2003 for false advertising. The water from the Poland springs is common groundwater”
  • Nestles “Water is a Market Commodity”
    “NGO’s saying water is a Human right is an Extremist View, it’s a food stuff and like food it’s marketable” said ex ceo for Nestle in 2003, in 2004 Flint in Michigans water source was changed, poisoning residents, whilst Nestles used the fresh water for their bottling plant 2 miles up River. The residents petition read: There’s a water crisis in Flint, Michigan.Children are being rushed to the hospital with irreversible brain damage. The federal government has declared a state of emergency. Dangerous water contamination is causing residents to go blind, develop skin lesions, and lose hair and even theirContinue reading “Nestles “Water is a Market Commodity””
  • Human Rights Violations by Multinational Corporations: Nestle as the culprit
  • Nestle – Purina Lawsuit
  • Nestle Class Action by Dog Owners
    DANGEROUS LEVELS OF Glyphosate found in Purina Pet Food for Dogs and Cats produced by Nestle, Scientist for the Law suit filed in 2020 said after testing Nestle Lawsuits for Purina, Water, Noodles, Slavery! “These claims are false, deceptive, and misleading. The Products at issue are not“natural” or free of artificial preservatives. The Products contain residues of the unnatural biocideglyphosate and the artificial preservative ethoxyquin. 6. Plaintiffs purchased the Products for the purpose of evaluation by a privatelaboratory. Quantitative testing performed by that laboratory indicated that the Products purchasedby Plaintiffs contained residues of glyphosate and ethoxyquin. The Lawsuit Purina ProductsContinue reading “Nestle Class Action by Dog Owners”
  • Plandemic
    Watch the PLANDEMIC banned by all social media, YouTube and google. “Do No Harm – Doctors Code” Dr Judy Mikovits In an exclusive interview with Dr.Judy Mikovits by Filmmaker Mikki Willis, Dr.Judy Mikovits exposing the individuals behind the planned pandemic. Dr Judy Mikovits sent to prison for finding cures, never trialed never convicted – found the cure to AIDS in 1981, whilst thousands died the release was held back for patenting purposes by CDC., released in 1984, same year as Live Aid. How Monsanto and Glyphosate Bayer removed Autism natural cure Suramin off the market Join Awakening369 on Telegram Watch:Continue reading “Plandemic”
  • Pine Needles Cure Cancer and Autism
    Common Pine needles contain Suramin Mentioned by Dr Judy Mikovits in the movie Plandemic, Banned by Monsanto / Glyphosate producer Bayer Suramin Cures: Suramin Cures Breast Cancer Suramin (SM), a drug for African sleeping sickness and river blindness therapy, has been investigated in various clinical trials for cancer therapy. However, SM was eventually withdrawn from the market because of its narrow therapeutic window and the side effects associated with multiple targets. In this work, we developed a simple but effective system based on a nontoxic dose of SM ….. significantly reduced tumor burden and extended the lifespan of animals withContinue reading “Pine Needles Cure Cancer and Autism”
  • Electricity Prices
    Electricity in UK costs £900 compared to Sudan ONLY £5
  • Intermittent Fasting
    This particular study is based on: Fasting for 2 days Eating for 5 days – Restrict Calories to 750 calories Eating Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 21 days The Benefits “…have profound beneficial effects on many different indices of health and, importantly, can counteract disease processes and improve functional outcome in experimental models of a wide range of age-related disorders: – diabetes – cardiovascular disease, – cancers – neurological disorders – Alzheimer’s disease – Parkinson’s disease – stroke – Huntington’s Studies of IF (e.g., 60% energy restriction on 2days per week or every other day), PF (e.g., a 5day diet providingContinue reading “Intermittent Fasting”
  • Aether – AIR – NIKOLA TESLAS Greatest Discovery
    Watch the Video Make one Yourself “G. The method hercinbetorc described of transmitting electrical energy through the natural media, which consists in producing between the earth and a generator-terminal elevated above the same, at a generating-station, electrical impulses of a sufliciently-high electromotive force to’render the air strata at or near the elevated terminal conducting, causing thereby current impulses to pass through the air strata, and collecting or receiving at a point distant from the generating-station the energy of the current impulses by means of a circuit synchronized with the impulses.” Nikola Tesla Patent Cited By (262) Publication numberPriority datePublicationContinue reading “Aether – AIR – NIKOLA TESLAS Greatest Discovery”
  • NIH study finds that coffee drinkers have lower risk of death
    In an article published by NIH in 2012 reporting on a study completed in 2008, published in New England Journal Of Medicine, spanning over more than a decade, involving 400,000 participants the studies findings couldn’t be clearer: Coffee drinkers were less likely to die from heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, injuries and accidents, diabetes, and infections NIH The researchers found that the association between coffee and reduction in risk of death increased with the amount of coffee consumed. Relative to men and women who did not drink coffee, those who consumed three or more cups of coffee per day hadContinue reading “NIH study finds that coffee drinkers have lower risk of death”
    Says Snopes 2018 Fact Checker Site Mushrooms cure Cancer Grape Seeds Cure Cancer Turmeric Cures Cancer
  • Cystic Fibrosis Fungi Found At Chernobyl-Rich in Melanin
    When is Fungi not a mushroom when it Cystic Fibrosis The Scientific name for the Fungi is Exophiala wangiella dermatitidis Found in Cystic Fibrosis Patients. The Melanin in the Fungi is the active ingredient Ukrainian lab researching Fungi Wangiella dermatitidis said: “we hope to develop applications that could protect patients undergoing cancer therapy from side effects of radiation or protect astronaut flight crews exposed to high levels of cosmic radiation, as well as develop a way to convert radiation into usable energy forms,” said Dadachova.” Source MELANIN Converts Energy Melanin’s ability to convert energy from ionizing radiation into usable chemicalContinue reading “Cystic Fibrosis Fungi Found At Chernobyl-Rich in Melanin”
  • Mushrooms – Anti Inflammatory
    ..contain many minerals, like selenium, potassium, copper, iron and phosphorus, that are not often found in plant-derived foods
  • Mushrooms Cure Cancer
    KEY WORDS: antioxidant activities, antitumor, B-glucans, biological response modifiers, cancer patients, clinical studies, clinical trials, epidemiological studies, immunomodulation, interferons, interleukins, medicinal mushrooms, natural killercells, oncoimmunology, polysaccharides, quality of life, secondary Boletus edulis, Lactarius deliciosus, edible and medicinal mushrooms, chemical characterization, anti-oxidant capacity, IC50 I am not a trained “Medical Doctor”, and can not offer, Prescribe dosages for specific dis- eases or offer advice. Below are links to to studies from Medical Doctors from all over the World for you to research, to pass to your a “Medical Doctor” Disclaimer Re: 1939 Cancer Act NHS INVESTIGATED – BUTCHERING CANCER PATIENTS INSTEADContinue reading “Mushrooms Cure Cancer”
  • 642,370 Paralysed in INDIA by NPAFP, 491,704 more than expected!
    After India was declared polio free in 2012, and ceased OPV programme: Rate of NPAFP Paralysis DECREASED Having researched #Polio in #India I have now all the correct figures as per World Health Organisation and GPEI, 100’s of articles and evidence in NCBI, Lancet, CLEARLY the effects of one of 6 – Newly designed OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine) by WHO, now withdrawn. Coincides with increase in Paralysis via NPAPF and APF caused by Wild Polio Virus in 642,370 people from 2000 to 2017 If IPV use had continued Wild Polio (Natural cause) would have been approx 2000 cases. With guidanceContinue reading “642,370 Paralysed in INDIA by NPAFP, 491,704 more than expected!”
    GPEI: “ Developing a New Polio Cure for the New “Strain” of PARYLYSIS not known as POLIO” Download Report via CDC WHO ENABLES WHO 642,370 Paralysed in INDIA by NPAFP, 491,704 more than expected DOWNLOAD How Polio looks WIKI COMMONS This child is displaying a deformity of her right leg due to polio caused by the poliovirus, an enterovirus member.After initial oropharyngeal ( by mouth) inoculation, and multiplication, the virus enters the bloodstream, thereby, finding its way to the central nervous system, and infecting the motor neurons of the anterior horn of the spinal cord and within the brain itself.Continue reading “CDC says: POLIO CAUSED BY CURE – WORLDWIDE”
  • Hemp V Cotton
    Hemp doesn’t require the use of herbicides or pesticides, and grows better organically anyway Cotton growing: Responsible up to 50% of global agricultural chemical use. Uses Herbicides Uses pesticides, Uses fertilisers Hemp and The UK Gov Licence Required At a cost to the grower for the licence and compliance check: £1971 for the first year (£580 + £1,371)
  • Hemp Timeline Uk
    Something that was treasured – NOT growing was an offence, an essential part of making homes. How did 4 centuries later, thousands get fined and sent to prison? Facts About Hemp – Used today by 100’s of manufacturers but remains illegal Hemp 100% Organic V CottonResponsible for 50% of Global Chemical use 10th century – utilised for its durable fibre to make textiles and ropes, 1271: The first reports of cannabis being used as a psychoactive drug in Europe 1533: a hemp cultivation Law – Must Grow – quarter of an acre for every 60 acres 17th Century- 1670: RobertContinue reading “Hemp Timeline Uk”
  • Facts about Hemp
    Car makers are using hemp in their cars, including Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Iveco, Lotus, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Saturn, Volkswagen and Volvo. For example, the Mercedes C-Class contains up to 20 kg in each car
    Top Enablers – US $400 Million ~ UK $265 Million ~ BMGF $280 Million+ WHO office Cost 34% ($657 Million) GAVI Prioritise Pharmaceutical CO’s Expensive Vaccines The US is the biggest single donor to the Geneva-based WHO. It contributed more than $400 million in 2019, roughly 15% of the WHO’s annual budget. The second-largest funder is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which provides 9.8% of the WHO’s funds. Other countries are stepping up their own financial support for the organization. The UK, for example, has announced £200 million in new funding for international efforts to contain and combat theContinue reading “WHO ENABLES WHO”
  • Mums Dall and Rice – Lentil Curry & Rice with Pea and Side Salad
    Ingredients: I CUP Moth Dall 1 CUP Mung Beans 1TBS Organic Coldpressed Oil x 2 – (Read my article on Cancer causing Refined Oil) 2 medium onion (1 for Dall Chopped finely, 1 for Rice Sliced Finely) 2 Fresh Tomatoes 2tsp Turmeric (1 in the Pot 1 in the Tadka) 1tsp Cumin x 2 ( 1 for Dall, 1 for Rice) 2 Cloves Garlic 1 Square Inch Fresh Ginger (Approx) 2 Green Chilli (1tsp Frozen or Red Chilli) 1tsp Black pepper (adding to a dish with Turmeric has many medicinal benefits) 2tsp Garam Masala 2 or 3 Bay Leaves 2Continue reading “Mums Dall and Rice – Lentil Curry & Rice with Pea and Side Salad”
    Tumeric cures and prevents,Brain Tumors, Brain Cancer, Breast Cancer, 
Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Hepatic Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Colorectal cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, multiple myeloma, oral cavity cancer, pharynx cancer, larynx cancer, 
Head an Neck Cancer,
  • Turmeric Removes Fluoride From The Brain – Science Has Proven since 2004
    “TURMERIC” – universally acknowledged as “Wonder drug of life”. Says “DECADES” Scientific Research THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER SPREADS DISINFORMATION Several Studies Prove TURMERIC REMOVES FLUORIDE TURMERIC CURES AND PREVENTS CANCER AND MANY OTHER AILMENTS Fluoride (F) is probably the first inorganic ion which drew attention of the scientific world for its toxic effects and now the F toxicity through drinking water is well-recognized as a global problem. Health effect reports on F exposure also include various cancers, adverse reproductive activities, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases NCBI STUDY 2014 THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER SPREADS DISINFORMATION The Guardian Disputing the meme Let’s do a bitContinue reading “Turmeric Removes Fluoride From The Brain – Science Has Proven since 2004”

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