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Tumeric cures and prevents,Brain Tumors, Brain Cancer, Breast Cancer, 
Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Hepatic Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Colorectal cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, multiple myeloma, oral cavity cancer, pharynx cancer, larynx cancer, 
Head an Neck Cancer,

Turmeric Removes Fluoride From The Brain – Science Has Proven since 2004

“TURMERIC”- universally acknowledged as “Wonder drug of life”.Says “DECADES” Scientific Research THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER SPREADS DISINFORMATION Several Studies Prove TURMERIC REMOVES FLUORIDETURMERIC CURES AND PREVENTS CANCER AND MANY OTHER AILMENTS Fluoride (F) is probably the first inorganic ion which drew attention of the scientific world for its toxic effects and now the F toxicity through…

Cold Pressed Oil and why it’s healthier and nutritional

Organic Cold Pressed OilCold pressed oil HealthierWhat Oil to Cook withWhat is a smoking Point A continuation from my Article “No oil for plant based” a member asked “What can I use for frying” doing a lot more research it seems cold pressed oil is better as it is not heated below 49 degrees and…


The case started in 2015, first case proved Glyphosate in Bayer, Monsanto, Roundup cased cancer, available and used today, WHO consider it Non carcinogenic although 125,000 cancer patients have been paid $12 Billion, in 2022 available to buy over the counter: THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT US!
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