Pineal Glandula

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The pineal gland is one of the greatest secrets hidden from us. The secret is not that the gland exists, the secret is its function. Medical students are told it’s a crooked organ, but it’s not….

The Pineal Gland is our third eye, it is the organ through which we dream and imagine and once it is activated it is also the organ that connects us to other dimensions of reality, that is: it allows us to see beings of other dimensions besides allow us to make astral journeys (leave our physical body to travel with our ethereal body), develop psychic skills such as clairvoyance or telepathy and even the possibility of time travel…

It’s not hard to know why it’s a secret, the answer is in Church. How has the church subsisted? being the monopoly of religion: going to mass is the only way we’ve been shown to connect with the Divine plane but actually the Temple to reach Divine connection is within each of us…

Pineapple or pineal gland has several meanings. For the Catholic religion, it means the Power of God; for Freemasonry, the vision of the Cyclops; within the Egyptian tradition it is known as the eye of Horus, also in sacred geometry we can see that the eye of Horu s’ accurately corresponds with all the structures of the brain and in the Asian world as the third eye or center of clairvoyance and intuition…

In initial terminology it is known as ′′ The Door of Paradise ′′ and even the French philosopher, Descartes, proposed that the pineal gland was what connects the body to the soul, or contained it. defined it as ′′ The Seat of the Soul “. His proposal arises because the pineal gland is not bilaterally duplicated in the body, and also believed (erroneously) that it was exclusive to humans…

Melatonin hormone produced by Pineal whose deficiency is caused by insomnia and depression is present in some foods such as oats, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, nuts, rice and cherries. In the ancient temples of Sumerians and Babylonians we had worship of the pineal and even in the vatican we can see a monument that they have in the form of pineapple or pineal, also ported by the potatoes, and on the walls of the pyramids are the hieroglyphics…

The secret pineal a substance called DMT (dimethyltriptamine) also known as the spiritual molecule that curiously releases into the fast eye motion phase that is when we are dreaming, is responsible for visualizing images in dreams. When there is no light, the pineal gland produces melatonin from serotonin.

It is related to regulating vigil and sleep cycles and serves to counteract the effects of time zone difference syndrome (jet lag)…

(Also look at: Piezoelectric in the Pineal Gland)

The DMT is so powerful that it can carry man’s consciousness through time travel and dimensions. In the immediate state before death, a lot of DMT is produced, so you are credited with the ability to enter consciousness into higher dimensions ‘ Achieves mystical or interdimensional states, is the most powerful hallucinogenic or entheogenic found in the wild , in all plants and animals (in greater or lesser concentration), it has profound effects on consciousness)….

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