Love Essence 🌹

“Rose is sacred.

The closest thing to love in tangible form.

Vibration is measured at 320 MHz.

As high as it gets in terms of

“Love we can actually see ”

Love Essence

There has been numerous studies and trials reporting the benefits of essential oils and the potency of the frequency held with in them for decades. Used across the world for its therapeutic benefits

This study on 13 previous studies’ concluded in 2015:

Rose oil was administered via inhalation or used topically. Most of the studies (five trials) evaluated the analgesic effect of rose oil.

Five studies evaluated the physiological relaxation effect of rose oil. Anti-depressant, psychological relaxation, improving sexual dysfunction, and anti-anxiety effects were the other clinical properties reported for rose oil.

Therapeutic efficacy of rose oil: A comprehensive review of clinical evidence
Rosa centifolia and Rosa damascena -Love essence -Rose essence

The following therapeutic grade Rose oils were tested in the Study, available to buy:

Rosa Centifolia
Rosa Damascena

LOVE: Vibration

In its essence,
Love is a Frequency, a Vibration,
it has an invisible component of Hertz (or cycles per second)
Even a “Thought” is a vibration,
so too is the palpitation of your Heart when you see someone you Love,
it has a mathematical underpinning
and a rich tapestry of numerical and toroidal symmetries.
Our Field is a Torus which literally means a Ring.
When we hug another, the information in our joined Field is shared, and without words, we communicate between these rings via touch, sound and smell but on a higher level, we are mystically conversing via the amperage and volts of the intuitive Higher Heart.

Awakening369 – Aug 21
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