“Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease Research A Historical Analysis of Internal Industry Documents” “This Special Communication uses internal sugar industry documents to describe how the industry sought to influence the scientific debate over the dietary causes of CHD in the 1950s and 1960s, a debate still reverberating in 2016.” “Early warning signals of theContinue reading “SUGAR INDUSTRY “BLAMED FATS” 50 YEARS AGO FOR HEART DISEASE – Says 9 Year Old Study:”

Jack Cornfield

Thank you for coming: Currently updating- please feel free to read: Jack Kornfield, PhD, is a psychologist and founder of two of the largest Buddhist centres in America. His books are classics, selling well over a million copies, and have been translated into twenty-one languages. In addition he teaches to large crowds all over theContinue reading “Jack Cornfield”

Happy 10th Birthday – Discovery of Higgs Boson Particle

Update: The Higgs boson is the particle manifestation of an all-pervading quantum field, known as the Higgs field, that is fundamental to describe the universe as we know it. Without this field, elementary particles such as the quark constituents of the protons and neutrons of atomic nuclei, as well as the electrons that surround theContinue reading “Happy 10th Birthday – Discovery of Higgs Boson Particle”


Learn the perfect Meditation in 1 hour The study was confirmed and republished in 2005 by NCBI – Effect of meditation on ultraweak photon emission from hands and forehead NCBI The data support the hypothesis that human photon emission can be influenced by meditation Ncbi A scientifically controlled study conducted by German researchers atContinue reading “VISIBLE LIGHT RADIATED FROM THE HEART WITH HEART RHYTHM MEDITATION”

Chakras – Balanced

Balanced Root Chakra, Balanced Sacral Chakra, Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra, Balanced Heart Chakra, Balanced Throat Chakra, Balanced Root Chakra, Balanced Third Eye Chakra, Balanced Crown Chakra What are Chakras:

A Solar Storm hitting Earth

A solar storm has been brewing and is set for contact with the Earth’s magnetic sphere on March 31. The space weather phenomenon is a disturbance in particles thrown out by the electromagnetic eruptions of the sun. It will comes as sunspot AR2975 erupted on March 28, triggering what is known as a solar flare.

Lewis Hamilton (Sir) is Plant-based NOT Vegan

The Vegan band wagon loves to confuse people, wrapping plant-based and Vegan into one, to push commercialised, chemical filled products; Pushing all the boundaries, on not only Plant Based, but what we actually is Classed Food. Speaking exclusively to Men’s Health UK, Hamilton explains that while he grew up eating meat, as he’s grown olderContinue reading “Lewis Hamilton (Sir) is Plant-based NOT Vegan”

Waves Coming Out of the Sun

Inexplicable waves are
coming out of the Sun,
scientists say
Mysterious, inexplicably fast waves are
coming out of the Sun, scientists say.
The wave are moving three times more
quickly than was previously thought
possible, according to new research.
Scientists describe the waves as a
mystery” that suggest there could be
other, undiscovered physical processes
at work. They might also offer a unique
insight into the interior of the Sun

Schumann Resonance

Schumann Resonance has a direct effect on human consciousness scientist confirmed, effecting melatonin and causing symptoms- Nikola Tesla said – Our entire biological system, the brain and the
earth itself work on the same frequencies.