Oatmilk set to overtake cows’ milk

…. In Australian Cafes reports ABC.Net

Plant-based milk may soon fill half of all drinks in Australian cafes as dairy alternatives skyrocket in popularity, with oat milk leading the charge.

Key points:

  • New data shows plant-based milk is on track to capture half of all Australian cafe drink sales
  • Oat milk is the fastest-growing plant milk in the market and may soon be Australia’s most popular dairy alternative
  • Businesses are investing in processing infrastructure to make oat milk entirely in Australia

Barista Daylen Tuckford started working at a cafe in Williams, Western Australia, two years ago. In that time, they’ve seen oat milk arrive and watched its popularity boom.

“Probably a year or so ago — halfway through the year I think — oat milk just started really taking over,” they said.

A survey of more than 900 cafes found a quarter of Australians chose plant milk in 2021 and that the most popular option was almond, followed by soy and oat.

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Cafe market analyst Sean Edwards said plant milk was on track to capture half the cafe drinks market in the next few years, and oat could soon be Australia’s top-selling dairy alternative.

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“Two years ago oat milk was 0.2 per cent, now it’s 20 per cent of the market,” Mr Edwards said.

“Oat will be number one very shortly. In the next six to 12 months you’ll find oat will take over from almond.

“It’s mostly because when people try oat they see the silkiness and smoothness of the drink. It emulates dairy better than most other plant milks.”

Make Easy Oat milk:

1. Soak 1 cup oats minimum 20 minutes

2. Drain water and dispose

3. Add the iats and 700ml to 1000ml of water, pinch salt, 1 Date, (Cinnamon if you wish)

4. Blend for 2 minutes

5. Strain

6. Bottle in Glass bottles

But milks can be made from various nuts, even combinations.

Refer the Soak and Sprouting Table below for timings and my article Soak and Sprouts Nuts, Beans and Grains to remove Anti-Nutrients and Phytic Acid

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Soak and Sprout Chart:


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