Intermittent Fasting

This particular study is based on: Fasting for 2 days Eating for 5 days – Restrict Calories to 750 calories Eating Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 21 days The Benefits “…have profound beneficial effects on many different indices of health and, importantly, can counteract disease processes and improve functional outcome in experimental models of a wideContinue reading “Intermittent Fasting”

Mums Dall and Rice – Lentil Curry & Rice with Pea and Side Salad

Ingredients: I CUP Moth Dall 1 CUP Mung Beans 1TBS Organic Coldpressed Oil x 2 – (Read my article on Cancer causing Refined Oil) 2 medium onion (1 for Dall Chopped finely, 1 for Rice Sliced Finely) 2 Fresh Tomatoes 2tsp Turmeric (1 in the Pot 1 in the Tadka) 1tsp Cumin x 2 (Continue reading “Mums Dall and Rice – Lentil Curry & Rice with Pea and Side Salad”

Frequency in Food

FREQUENCY V CALORIES (Do not confuse mhz with Calories, that I counted by burning using calorimity Burning Box!) Bruce Taino developed Frequency Measuring devices in the 1990’s BT3 Frequency Monitor – CRM’s and how Organic Vegetables came to be. Read more on Taino and how thousands of farms changed the way they grow and treatContinue reading “Frequency in Food”

Lewis Hamilton (Sir) is Plant-based NOT Vegan

The Vegan band wagon loves to confuse people, wrapping plant-based and Vegan into one, to push commercialised, chemical filled products; Pushing all the boundaries, on not only Plant Based, but what we actually is Classed Food. Speaking exclusively to Men’s Health UK, Hamilton explains that while he grew up eating meat, as he’s grown olderContinue reading “Lewis Hamilton (Sir) is Plant-based NOT Vegan”