Lewis Hamilton (Sir) is Plant-based NOT Vegan

The Vegan band wagon loves to confuse people, wrapping plant-based and Vegan into one, to push commercialised, chemical filled products; Pushing all the boundaries, on not only Plant Based, but what we actually is Classed Food. Speaking exclusively to Men’s Health UK, Hamilton explains that while he grew up eating meat, as he’s grown olderContinue reading “Lewis Hamilton (Sir) is Plant-based NOT Vegan”

Melatonin Plants V Meat

Plant generative organs (e.g., flowers, fruits), and especially seeds, have been proposed as having the highest melatonin concentrations, markedly higher than those found in vertebrate tissues. Pistachios
Mushrooms,, Coffee, St.Johns,,long grain Rice, Red Rice, Barley
Oats, Cranberry
Sunflower Seeds