Humans Can Astral Project Say CIA Documents

CIA documents – say A person that can Astral Project can, Know the contents of all secret documents, movements of military, locations of secret bases
Hold the thoughts of people at a distance
Cause instant death of anyone at a distance
Disable any military or communication equipment including spacecraft

Lewis Hamilton (Sir) is Plant-based NOT Vegan

The Vegan band wagon loves to confuse people, wrapping plant-based and Vegan into one, to push commercialised, chemical filled products; Pushing all the boundaries, on not only Plant Based, but what we actually is Classed Food. Speaking exclusively to Men’s Health UK, Hamilton explains that while he grew up eating meat, as he’s grown olderContinue reading “Lewis Hamilton (Sir) is Plant-based NOT Vegan”

Waves Coming Out of the Sun

Inexplicable waves are
coming out of the Sun,
scientists say
Mysterious, inexplicably fast waves are
coming out of the Sun, scientists say.
The wave are moving three times more
quickly than was previously thought
possible, according to new research.
Scientists describe the waves as a
mystery” that suggest there could be
other, undiscovered physical processes
at work. They might also offer a unique
insight into the interior of the Sun

The Ankh

The Ankh as a symbol is the stylized representation of the earthly and spiritual man, while the archetype leads back to the life force in motion. By uniting the lower, earthly / material part, with the upper, spiritual / divine part, a key is obtained. In this case the key has the function to open.