Facebook Meta Failing – BSV Developing on Real “Metaverse”

More than a Name: Uncomfortable headsets and a loss of $10Billion advertising revenue has meant Facebook Metaverse is failing. BSV Blockchain Report Success: Blockchain is Fundamental Only BSV is Capable The Metaverse relies on identity, location,data, and monetization for maximumpotential, and global revolution.The Metaverse relies on location, data,identity, and monetization for maximumpotential, and global revolution.•Continue reading “Facebook Meta Failing – BSV Developing on Real “Metaverse””


A superb article courtesy of XRP Family gives a great intro to the team behind BSV Blockchain Global Advisory Council: The BSV blockchain is an enterprise-grade distributed information community for giant enterprise and government-scale functions.  Working with an information protocol that works successfully with IPv6 (the newest Web protocol), the BSV community scales unbounded to help excessiveContinue reading “BSV BLOCKCHAIN ADVISORY Council”

XRP Lawyer uses Unscrupulous Tactics

“Brad Garlinghouse lit the fuse” RIPPLES, Garlinghouse “Surpisingly” invested in infamous law firm Roche Friedman Video Footage with a gloating Kyle Roche, Lawyer, Avalanche , Emin Gün Sirer, reveals how they used unscrupulous tactics against competitors for “Sport” Before Kyle Roche founded Roche Freedman and made a pact with Ava Labs, he was a relativelyContinue reading “XRP Lawyer uses Unscrupulous Tactics”

EXPOSED – Ava Labs case against Satoshi Was for “Sport”

In revealing undercover footage reported on cryptoleaks EXPOSING the CEO of Cryptocurrency firm Avalanche, Emin Gün Sirer and partner, Lawyer and freind Roche Freedman, changing the course of not only BSV put the entire “Financial Industry” by bringing cases with the “sole purpose of causing harm competitors” Lawyer admits in an interview owner of AwalanceContinue reading “EXPOSED – Ava Labs case against Satoshi Was for “Sport””

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision v BTC

BSV How Bitcoin Became BSV How to buy BSV Bitcoin White Paper Who Is the Satoshi Nakamoto The company behind BSV Patents What will happen to Cryptocurrency Join The Bitcoin Academy BSV v BTC Class Action What is Blockchain How Bitcoin BTC became BSV BSV is not available on “Cryptocurrency Exchanges” please read “BSV ClassContinue reading “Bitcoin Satoshi Vision v BTC”