A court order issued by Dr Craig Wright for BSV Bitcoin Satoshi Vision to Cøbra..

Cointelegrah CONFIRM Craig Wright is “Legendary” Satoshi

In an article titled “Why Craig Wright Is Not Satoshi Nakamoto” a Cointelegraph article goes in to prove Dr Craig Wright is Satoshi: “When the community has learned that Craig Wright, an entrepreneur from Australia claims he was Satoshi Nakamoto, the legendary author of Bitcoin’s whitepaper and protocol, people started taking sides on the issue.Continue reading “Cointelegrah CONFIRM Craig Wright is “Legendary” Satoshi”

Facebook Meta Failing – BSV Developing on Real “Metaverse”

More than a Name: Uncomfortable headsets and a loss of $10Billion advertising revenue has meant Facebook Metaverse is failing. BSV Blockchain Report Success: Blockchain is Fundamental Only BSV is Capable The Metaverse relies on identity, location,data, and monetization for maximumpotential, and global revolution.The Metaverse relies on location, data,identity, and monetization for maximumpotential, and global revolution.•Continue reading “Facebook Meta Failing – BSV Developing on Real “Metaverse””

EXPOSED – Ava Labs case against Satoshi Was for “Sport”

In revealing undercover footage reported on cryptoleaks EXPOSING the CEO of Cryptocurrency firm Avalanche, Emin Gün Sirer and partner, Lawyer and freind Roche Freedman, changing the course of not only BSV put the entire “Financial Industry” by bringing cases with the “sole purpose of causing harm competitors” Lawyer admits in an interview owner of AwalanceContinue reading “EXPOSED – Ava Labs case against Satoshi Was for “Sport””