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Sound Healing - Raises your Frequency immediately - Start with inexpensive Tingsha Bells, Wearing Organite, Crystal Singing Bowls are a beautiful relaxing addition to any home - Great Gifts
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Bells and Singing bowls

Nut Milk Equipment

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Fermented Food Indian Fermented Carrots Fermented Food Indian Fermented dishes are eaten daily. All across India and the World. Only Homemade will contain the important LIVE Micro – Biotics and Probiotics Perfect with Rice, Chappati or Parotha as a side or main. My first try was the Carrot Recipe posted below, I added Cauliflower and…


Several Studies have shown adding fermented foods prevents many illnesses: Fermented foods are defined as foods or beverages produced through controlled microbial growth, and the conversion of food components through enzymatic action. Fermented Foods: Definitions and Characteristics, Impact on the Gut Microbiota and Effects on Gastrointestinal Health and DiseaseScience Says FermentingGreat for Health Historically, food…


Ingredients 2-3 Chinese leaf (2kg prepared weight) 40-60g Celtic salt (3% of the cabbage weight) 1 tbsp seaweed (I use wakame), lightly rinsed 1 carrot ½ leek 2 spring onions For the chilli paste 40g onion, chopped 40g garlic (10 cloves), peeled 5g ginger, chopped 1 small pear, cored and chopped 40g Korean chilli flakes…

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