TURMERIC For Brain Health

Damaging Effects of Excitotoxicity Turmeric’s Brain-Boosting Compounds BRAIN AND MOOD DISORDERS Alzheimer’s DiseaseMultiple sclerosis AnxietyNeuropathic pain Bipolar disorder NeurosisChronic Stress Obsessive-compulsive behavior (OCD) Creutzfeldt-Jacob (mad cow) disease Parkinson’s disease Depression Schizophrenia Encephalomyelitis Spinal injury Encephalopathy (diabetic and hepatic) Stroke EpilepsyWernicke-Korsakoff syndrome Can turmeric help prevent or treat the symptoms of dementia, mood disorders, and damaged nerves? As inContinue reading “TURMERIC For Brain Health”

NIH study finds that coffee drinkers have lower risk of death

In an article published by NIH in 2012 reporting on a study completed in 2008, published in New England Journal Of Medicine, spanning over more than a decade, involving 400,000 participants the studies findings couldn’t be clearer: Coffee drinkers were less likely to die from heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, injuries and accidents, diabetes, andContinue reading “NIH study finds that coffee drinkers have lower risk of death”

Hemp V Cotton

Hemp doesn’t require the use of herbicides or pesticides, and grows better organically anyway Cotton growing: Responsible up to 50% of global agricultural chemical use. Uses Herbicides Uses pesticides, Uses fertilisers Hemp and The UK Gov Licence Required At a cost to the grower for the licence and compliance check: £1971 for the first yearContinue reading “Hemp V Cotton”

Hemp Timeline Uk

Something that was treasured – NOT growing was an offence, an essential part of making homes. How did 4 centuries later, thousands get fined and sent to prison? Facts About Hemp – Used today by 100’s of manufacturers but remains illegal Hemp 100% Organic V CottonResponsible for 50% of Global Chemical use 10th century –Continue reading “Hemp Timeline Uk”

Mums Dall and Rice – Lentil Curry & Rice with Pea and Side Salad

Ingredients: I CUP Moth Dall 1 CUP Mung Beans 1TBS Organic Coldpressed Oil x 2 – (Read my article on Cancer causing Refined Oil) 2 medium onion (1 for Dall Chopped finely, 1 for Rice Sliced Finely) 2 Fresh Tomatoes 2tsp Turmeric (1 in the Pot 1 in the Tadka) 1tsp Cumin x 2 (Continue reading “Mums Dall and Rice – Lentil Curry & Rice with Pea and Side Salad”

Lamb Meat is Deadly

800 Studies, by 22 Scientist from 10 Countries says WHO 2015 Recommendations. The study included ‘Sudies” from 2002 Definition of Group 1: “If you eat meat you will probably get diseased, Definition of Group 2: “ If you eat processed meat you will definitely get a diseased” WHO World Health Organisation’s Article – Cancer: CarcinogenicityContinue reading “Lamb Meat is Deadly”


Fennel, an anise-flavored herb used for cooking, has long been known for its health benefits for a variety of issues, including digestion and premenstrual symptoms and much more

Elderberry extract in the treatment of influenza A and B virus infections

Elderberry has been used in folk medicine for centuries to treat influenza, colds and sinusitis, and has been reported to have antiviral activity against influenza and herpes simp