COPPER – Electroculture

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Ayurveda benefits essential allows drinking water to rest in the jug over night for health benefits

What is Electroculture?

Electroculture is the an ancient practice of increasing yields utilizing certain materials to harvest the earth’s atmospheric energy. This was presented in 1749 by Abbe Nollett, in the 1920s by Justin Christofleau, and 1940s by Viktor Schauberger. This energy is always present and all around us also known as Chi, Prana, Life force, and Aether Read More

Justin Christofleau- Electroculture is a method of applying atmospheric electricity to the fertilization of plant life, and has, during the past few years, developed to such an extent that it is to-day being practised in many of the countries of the world, viz.: France, England, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, etc. Its success has been so marked that there are upwards of a million apparatus in use in these countries and its application is extending as its benefits become better known.

The discoverer of this process is a well-known French scientist.-

Mr. J. Christofleau–who devoted years of research to the development and application of his process, and the apparatus, which he finally perfected and patented throughout the world, is the result of his efforts.

The apparatus referred to is illustrated above:-

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Prisha India Craft Copper Utensils:- At this time when the world is riddled with pollution, our countrymen are using high potency tablets even for minor problems which is spreading poision in their bodies. Our Rishes, saints and even doctors have found a very easy method to deal with such disorders. The best remedy to overcome these problems is to store water in a copper utensil overnight and drink four glasses every morning. After this you can wash your mouth and brush your teeth. It is also advisable not to take tea for at least 45 minutes. Patients who can not drink four glasses of water at a time, can start with smaller quantity and increase the quantity gradually. There is no diseases in the world which can not be cured by this method. It is useful to drink water before sunrise for all including healthy persons. We request everybody to propogate this morning water use to every one whosoever is suffering from any disease. BUY NOW


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