EXPOSED – Who Votes For You and Against You

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On November 30th, 2022 House of Lords was Voting in a Procurement Bill, regulations on where a third of public money, £300 BILLION per year is spent.

See how they all Vote, publicly available online, who want’s parliamentary favours, who wants Great British Public to flourish, who is happy for companies involved in GENOCIDE AND ORGAN HARVESTING to continue trading and who is humane!

1. VIP’ lanes for future contracts

The first vote was on amendment 72, which ensures there is no preferential treatment on suppliers connected to or recommended by members of the House of Commons or members of the House of Lords.

Members voted 201 in favour and 220 against, so the change not was made, click to see you voted against the public thriving.

2. Forced organ harvesting

The second vote was on amendment 91, which provides a discretionary power to exclude suppliers from being awarded a public contract who have participated in forced organ harvesting or unethical activities relating to human tissue.

Members voted 191 in favour and 169 against, so the change was made, click to see the inhumane!

3. Removal of suppliers Involved in Genocide

The final vote was on amendment 94, which creates a timeline for the removal of physical technology or surveillance equipment from the government’s procurement supply chain, where there is established evidence that a provider has been involved in modern slavery, genocide, crimes against humanity.

Members voted 178 in favour and 158 against, so the change was made, click to see the inhumane!

Read The Full Bill

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