Frequency Healing – Cancer Research UK??

Rife Frequency

Frequency Healing Rife Machine Curing Cancer Not Scientifically Proven – WHY NOT?

As Cancer research say on there site:

Royal Raymond Rife developed the Rife machine in the 1920s. He was an American scientist. The machine is also called a Rife frequency generator.

“Supporters of the Rife machine say there aren’t any side effects”

Invented 102 Years ago “Testimonials” from the cured available on many websites,

Cancer Research continue…

“The Rife machine hasn’t been through the usual process of scientific testing”

See the undeniable evidence and Frequency equipment available today

iTera Wand

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Therapeutic potential of adult stem cells

The aim of cell-based therapies is to replace or repair damaged tissues and organs. A diverse number of disorders are amenable to this approach, including haematopoietic, neurological and cardiovascular diseases, as well as bone defects and diabetes. Central to the success of cell therapy is the necessity to be able to identify, select, expand and manipulate cells outside the body. Recent advances in adult stem cell technologies and basic biology have accelerated therapeutic opportunities aimed at eventual clinical applications. Adult stem cells with the ability to differentiate down multiple lineages are an attractive alternative to human embryonic stem cells (hES) in regenerative medicine. In many countries, present legislation surrounding hES cells makes their use problematic, and indeed the origin of hES cells may represent a controversial issue for many communities. However, adult stem cells are not subject to these issues. This review will therefore focus on adult stem cells. Based on their extensive differentiation potential and, in some cases, the relative ease of their isolation, adult stem cells are appropriate for clinical development. Recently, several observations suggest that multipotential adult stem cells are capable of producing a whole spectrum of cell types, regardless of whether or not these tissues are derived from same germ layer; highlighting the opportunity to manipulate stem cells for therapeutic use.

Read NCBI Science

Terahertz radiation and the skin:

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The rapid development of THz technologies and the obtained research results for skin tissue highlight the potential of THz waves as a research and therapeutic instrument. The perspectives on the use of THz radiation are related to both non-invasive diagnostics and stimulation and control of different processes in a living skin tissue for regeneration and cancer treatment.

Keywords: cancer detection and treatment; regenerative medicine; skin; terahertz spectroscopy and imaging; terahertz technology. Read on NCBI


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