“Stolen Bitcoin Seized Miners Shutdown” – Dr Craig Wright

In article by Dr Craig Wright in 2019, Dr Wright clearly outlines the Bitcoin Core Steal and how it will be claimed back:

“In 2020, we will start to see a lot of large addresses that have been associated with the proceeds of crime starting to be seized. Exchanges who refuse to act on orders will be shut down and the assets seized”

Dr Craig Wright

Miners who refuse to act on court orders will be shut down and the assets seized.

The result will be a consensus of miners, exchanges, and businesses that are willing to act within the regulatory and legal framework that already exists. The good thing about Bitcoin is that it is simpler and not more difficult to control. We will start to see the lies in the mythology surrounding Bitcoin being torn down in the coming months and years.

“The ideal first target is Bitcoin Core. The narrative started with BTC, and it will end with BTC. As miners are forced to act on court orders, those within the BTCand BCH communities will start to see that they are on a system that cannot escape government control. The limiting factor is the international nature of Bitcoin. As such, only laws that apply across multiple borders will be enforced. But again, money laundering, people smuggling, and proceeds of crime from hard drugs are all something that people will find Bitcoin is unfriendly to”


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