Flat Earth Map

A German Telegram Channel has revealed a map of Earth as reflected on the Moon, showing the World within the Icewall.

First Appearance on Telegram

8th August 2022

First Full Drawing Revealed on 18th August:

See on Telelgram

The Author explains:

“On the right side I have explained the phases of the moon”

“The phases of the moon”


“New Moon”

“The angle of radiation of the sun from the black hole is large. Sun and moon are close to each other and in the same constellation. The cone-shaped refraction of the sun completely cancels out that of the moon.”

North: Moon image

south: moon image upside down

“Waxing crescent moon”

“The sun’s angle of refraction from the black hole is smaller, the sun’s conical refraction obscures half of the moon’s refraction.”

“Full moon”

“The angle of radiation of the sun is smallest, in this case the two refractions are opposite and do not influence each other.”

“Waning moon”

“The angle of radiation is increasing, in this case the conical refraction of the sun covers the right half of the refraction of the moon.”

Why were German colonies built here in Africa near New Swabia? Why did the Nazis use Africa as an intermediate point to locate new country in the south in Antarctica and map it from above?


The double sun phenomenon can be observed above all when winter time is November or December on our northern latitude of the equator, i.e. the sun is located south of the equator, then there is reflection in these 3 areas in the south because there is the dome.

This has nothing to do with other 3 additional suns in the south, but it is a natural reflection in the dome in the south itself by the one sun we know.

Here in the south there is a double sun phenomenon, which is due to the reflection of the sun on the dome, the reflected “suns” rotate here oppositely through the reflection in the dome

Double sun phenomenon in Zimbabwe (Africa) photographed on 11. December
Double sun phenomenon visible from Indonesia from Tarakan from the 4th December
Video From America – Double Sun

A Reflection on the Moon

1907 Article


Explainer Video by Anti Disinformation

Go To Rumble to Watch

A Tweet Appears falsely Accrediting the Map to UN:

What Nonsense..


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