Police leak – Lloyds Bank Fraud

Bristol Police investigation reopens as Senior Managers and Police colluded to cover up £3Billion fraud over 100 cases.

At Lloyd’s Annual General meeting 2 board member reveal:

Total Bank Fines $339 Billion



Lloyds Annual General Meeting

The BBC reported in February “We can confirm we have received a complaint from a member of the public alleging serious corruption.”

“Documents appear to show that information about a confidential meeting between two senior officers and alleged victim, Kashif Shabir, was passed to the bank without his knowledge.

The documents show that Lloyds executives wrote in an internal memo: “They are meeting with Mr Shabir on Monday to tell him that they intend to close their enquiry with no further action intended” before the meeting had taken place.

However, Mr Shabir said that at the meeting, police told him that his evidence was “compelling” and fraud investigators were being instructed. 

Mr Shabir has met with chief constable Sarah Crew and demanded a “full investigation”.

“It is quite clear. Information has been passed back to the bank. Evidence that could also be in both the interest of Lloyds and the police, if indeed, they have been working together,” said Mr Shabir.

Avon and Somerset’s police and crime commissioner, Mark Shelford, recently asked the force to look again at 92 similar allegations of fraud against Lloyds Recoveries.”

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Lloyds bank £541 Million in Fined – 2 CRIMINAL Cases

Vid Violation Tracker


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