The Super Radiance Effect

“…. superradiance is a phenomenon that occurs when a group of Nemitters, such as excited atoms, interact with a common light field


The Carebears Demonstrating Super Radiance – Working Together

The Care Bears And Super Radiance

A worldwide group of loosely affiliated individuals and organisations are quietly creating world peace through a natural phenomenon called the ‘Super Radiance’ effect.
The term Super Radiance denotes the positive and immediate impact that small groups of specially trained meditators, known as TM-Sidhas have on open warfare, terrorism, political violence, crime levels and other symptoms of social disorder.
This report summarises, in more or less chronological order, the course of fifty-one studies into Super Radiance undertaken over about thirty years in various countries across all continents. Together these studies prove beyond a shadow of doubt the practical potential for the Super Radiance effect to establish national security for any nation and international peace.
Highlights from different research projects include:
• A reduction in global terrorist activity of 72% during three different peace projects
• A drop in war deaths of 81% during the Rhodesian (now Zimbabwe) civil war and a 71% drop in war deaths during the civil war in the Lebanon
• Increased international cooperation by 352% during a brief global peace project according to ‘Conflict and Peace Data Bank’ statistics (COPDAB)
• Cessation of open warfare in Nicaragua, Mozambique and the Lebanon during different Super Radiance projects
• 24% comparative drop in crime trends in a five-year study of 48 US cities
• 4% improvement in a composite Quality of Life (QOL) index. The index was composed of eight variable factors including crime rate,

The Super Radiance effect
mortality rate, unemployment, and auto accidents over a three- month study period
• Transformation of economic progress in six different countries including the elimination of hyper-inflation, the reversal of stagflation, liquidation of national debt and a significant reduction in unemployment

The Super Radiance effect
A proven technology for national invincibility and international peace


Super Radiance is the extraordinary, positive effect radiated to the rest of society … This unique effect only takes place when a sufficient number of meditators form a group to practise meditation together at the same time and on a daily basis.

Download 235 Page Study on Super Radiance Effect

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