Craig Wright Wins Defamation – He Is Satoshi Nakamoto

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Peter McCormack Karma

On 24 Oct 2020 Coingeek reported:

Tether pulls support for Peter McCormack in Craig Wright libel case following discovery, McCormack was trying his best to have the case struck out before evidential discovery could begin in the case. Because of the subject of the lawsuit, discovery was expected to produce evidence—from either side—that Wright was or was not Satoshi Nakamoto.

Dr Craig Wright – Satoshi Nakamoto

McCormack was found guilty on all charges of defamation against Craig Wright.

– The judge did agree that Wright’s side proved to the court that McCormack’s defamation caused serious harm.

Furthermore, because the judge felt that some evidence was put forth in an attempt to show serious harm by Craig was not entirely supported, the judge awarded just a nominal award to the plaintiff.

So this sounds like a WIN from the perspective of Peter. After all, he may get off the hook without having to pay much in damages (though there still is the matter of significant legal fees, which are not yet settled). However, from the judgment perspective, Peter got off the hook with as light a sentence as he could have possibly hoped. So this is a win for him financially because he was looking at utter bankruptcy.

What the social media trolls won’t mention is the fact that even though it may be a personal financial win for Peter, this is a big win for Craig, who is setting out to defend his legacy of creating Bitcoin and his claim as Satoshi Nakamoto, inventor of Bitcoin

Peter McCormack Karma

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Bully to Mental Breakdown

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