Bitcoin Satoshi Vision v BTC

How Bitcoin BTC became BSV

BSV is not available on “Cryptocurrency Exchanges” please read “BSV Class Action.

BSV is Peer to Peer, therefore exchanges banks or any third party organisations are not required:

How to buy, spend and Store BSV

Some Apps you will create:

  • Legacy Address ($Your Name)
  • A Paymail Andress (your name @

This will enable you to receive payments and use to log in to other Apps


Download App

Quick and easy, using your phone details as security, buy $500 instantly:

  1. Download the App
  2. Complete your detail
  3. Buy BSV using Visa

Now you can use HandCash to log in to other Apps


  • Click “Top up” on the Wallet Menu
  • Select Credit card Option
  • Enter any amount above USD
  • Click “Create Voucher”.
  • Bitcoin is instantly loaded onto your Centbee wallet

Simply Cash

Simply Cash

With Simply Cash you can Open a cold Wallet on an unused phone for added security;

WHO IS Satoshi Nakamoto

Matthews asked Wright a pointed question:

“Who the fuck is Satoshi Nakamoto?”

Wright replied that Matthews already knew the answer, prompting Matthews to tell Wright to “stop talking in Craig riddles.” Matthews wanted a direct answer to a direct question: “Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Wright answered: “You’re looking at him.”

Bitcoin might have been permanently relegated to the role of a financial buggy whip were it not for the timely intervention of Calvin Ayre and Stefan Matthews, who helped facilitate Satoshi’s return in the form of Dr. Craig Wright and steered Bitcoin back onto its original revolutionary path. So, settle back as we fire up the time machine and retrace the steps through which Bitcoin was saved.

Stefan Matthews Calvin Ayre Dr. Craig Wright

BSV Class Action

“Landmark case claims: ‘Crypto’ exchanges colluded to damage prospects of BSV and caused financial loss to thousands”

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Bitcoin Academy

This course serves as an introduction to the Bitcoin protocol, its method of operation and is intended for beginners to Bitcoin. 

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded our certificate of completion.

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Bitcoin SV Academy


NChain included an initial collection of 169 patent families, which comprise a total of 1,280 individual patent applications

Patent pools are where several companies—called ‘founders’—combine their patents into a single portfolio; a platform designed to benefit people inventing or implementing something that uses the patent.

For the IPwe pool NChain contributed patents on areas including:

cybersecurity, automated contracts, wallets, IoT devices, tokenisation, and peer-to-peer communication.

NChain included an initial collection of 169 patent families, which comprise a total of 1,280 individual patent applications. So far, 50 of those patent families have applications that have been granted, Nchain expect the remaining applications to be granted over the next couple of years. Read More

What is BlockChain

Free E Book

What Will happen to Cryptocurrency

The entire cryptocurrency is using Satoshi Nakamoto original idea, Dr Craig Wright says, he WILL run the “Entire “Crypto Industry at a fraction of the cost” Watch 30 sec Video:


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