Hydrogen Energy

UK to be Powered by Carbon Free Water Technology

GHD – has secured funding from UK Government- Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for a project aiming to demonstrate the use of an innovative hydrogen storage system. The project is in partnership with LAVO Hydrogen Storage Technology Pty Ltd, with the provision of a demonstrator location supported by the University of Chester, Thornton Science Park

What is hydrogen? 

Hydrogen is the most abundant element, accounting for approximately 90 per cent of all atoms in the universe and the majority of the sun’s mass. On earth, hydrogen is found naturally in water (H2O) and other organic compounds.

Hydrogen is virtually limitless.

Bob Boyce


Through electrolysis, a single litre of water can produce

13.3 Megajoules of energy,

which can be converted to over

2000 watt-hours

of useful electricity.


UK Government has recently made a deal with Lavo Via via International organisation GHD, powering UK Energy production and Storage using Water converted to Hydrogen

A whole economy based on green

hydrogen would still use less drinking water than the fossil fuel industry today.


Lavo Website says: “Through electrolysis, a single litre of water can produce 13.3 Megajoules of energy, which can be converted to over 2 000 watt-hours of useful electricity.
The water used for this process can be
rainwater, grey water, drinkable water, or
even desalinated seawater. Living on the
blue planet, hydrogen is very accessible”

The Lavo Hydrogen Battery

Lithium Battery Coupled

LAVO’s proprietary metal hydride provides ground-breaking long duration storage capabilities, which are combined with a fuel cell and electrolyser to create an integrated solution.

When coupled with the flexibility of a li-ion battery or other short duration storage technology, a full-service solution is provided with short-long term storage capabilities.

The system uses pre existing patents such as:


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Family To Family Citations

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