Nestle Class Action by Dog Owners

DANGEROUS LEVELS OF Glyphosate found in Purina Pet Food for Dogs and Cats produced by Nestle, Scientist for the Law suit filed in 2020 said after testing

  • Bakers made by Purina
  • Winalot made by Purina
  • Felix made by Purina
  • Gourmet made by Purina(Nestles)
  • Go-Cat made by Purina (Nestles)
  • Purina One made by Purina (Nestles)
  • Dental Life made by Purina (Nestles)
  • Babies milk Scandal

Nestle Lawsuits for Purina, Water, Noodles, Slavery!

“These claims are false, deceptive, and misleading. The Products at issue are not
“natural” or free of artificial preservatives.
The Products contain residues of the unnatural biocide
glyphosate and the artificial preservative ethoxyquin.

6. Plaintiffs purchased the Products for the purpose of evaluation by a private
Quantitative testing performed by that laboratory indicated that the Products purchased
by Plaintiffs contained residues of glyphosate and ethoxyquin.

The Lawsuit

Purina Products

  • Bakers
  • Alpo Prime Classics;
  • Beneful Healthy Weight;
  • Beneful Originals Adult Dry Dog Food;
  • Beyond Natural Simply 9;
  • Beyond Simply 9 White Meat Chicken and Whole Barley Recipe Dog Food Dry;
  • Cat Chow Complete;
  • Dog Chow Complete;
  • Dog Chow Natural plus vitamins;
  • One, Purposeful Nutrition;
  • One, Purposeful Nutrition Classic Beef Recipe;
  • One, Purposeful Nutrition Ocean Whitefish Recipe;
  • One, Smartblend True Instinct;
  • Pro Plan Adult Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula Dog Food;
  • Friskies Indoor Delights Cat Food Dry

“Nonprofits Toxin Free USA and Clean Label Project filed a lawsuit against Nestlé USA and Nestlé Purina PetCare Company for deceptive marketing and sale of cat foods labeled as “natural” and with “no artificial preservatives.” Lab tests reveal that certain Purina cat food products contain the synthetic herbicide glyphosate and the artificial preservative ethoxyquin. The consumer protection lawsuit charges that Purina exploits consumers’ preference for pet foods marketed as “natural.”


Nestle Video by Bailey Saruman

Gourmet made by Purina
Go cat made by Purina
Felix made by Purina
Purina One made by Purina
Bakers made by Purina

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