Meditation and The Flower of Life – Pay it Forward

The flower of life is a Vortex and a Torus

Meditation and The Flower Of Life

“A Conversation With Your Soul”

Awakening 369

We are bombarded by “Spiritual” groups claiming they are the awakened, the 144,000, “the ones” and then follow with “Join my paid subscription group to learn to meditate over a 2 year period etc etc”

Spirituality’s is enlightenment- the flower of life is continuous, a torus

The Torus is The Flower of Life

In the next hour you will learn how to meditate and WILL see the light and WILL define your pathway to “Source”

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The Flower of Life is Continuous


The flower of life, Torus and Vortex

A @ minute film explaining 369, Vortex, Torus and You will also see the Flower of Life, Science and spiritually coming together:

Flower life, Torus and Vortex

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