The Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW)

Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare(UDAW)proposed inter-governmental agreement to recognise that animals are sentient, to prevent cruelty and reduce suffering, and to promote standards on the welfare of animals such as farm animals, companion animals, animals in scientific research, draught animals, wildlife and animals in recreation.

Working towards a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare

The problem

  • Animal cruelty and suffering is a global issue.
  • Animals are sentient – they feel pain.
  • Animals need to be protected – urgently.

The solution

  • A Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare would show a global commitment to making the protection of animals a priority.
  • It would inspire international, regional and national change.
  • It would drive industries that use animals, to protect animals.

Our work

  • We’re leading a global movement calling for a Declaration.
  • Two million people have already added their voice.
  • 330 animal groups and 46 governments are on board too.

A Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare would protect animal welfare in an incredible range of ways.

It would encourage governments to create or improve animal welfare laws. It would persuade businesses to protect animals. It would mobilize animal welfare supporters worldwide. And it would get people talking and thinking about animal welfare. A Universal Declaration would change the lives of millions of animals – forever.

South Korea – Animals Are Sentient Beings

Reports and resources


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