Making Waves in Wales

Pembrokeshire has the highest concentration of wave resource in Wales, providing a significant opportunity for development of the industry. The Welsh Government has already noted its support for developing renewable energy projects. Wales has wave and tidal stream export market potential of £76 billion (Marine Energy Wales – State of the Sector Report 2020). Lord Peter Hain, a former energy minister, has said that Wales could be a world leader in marine energy and should make the industry a priority.

Making Waves Reducing Household bills

Bombora tech uses an inexpensive Rubber membrane, therefore the cost of production is low. Not only will we be using emission-less electricity we can look forward to lower electricity bills.

Renewable Cost

How BOMBORA Works:

Bombra recently strengthened there collaboration – “received an investment of £3.54m from Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd (MOL) to further commercialise its mWaveTM energy generation technology.”

Sam Leighton, Managing Director at Bombora said “Renewable energy supply is one of the big issues we’ve yet to fully tackle as a society. We are confident that our technology can contribute significantly to this market by delivering consistent and predictable renewable power.

We have worked closely with MOL over the last 18 months and are delighted to strengthen our relationship through this investment. MOL bring invaluable expertise in marine operations, local industry supply chain knowledge and can provide support in project development in Japan and across the region.

The MOL investment underpins Bombora’s wider capital raising initiatives to propel the company through the next phase and for delivery on commercial projects.”

Global potential for wave

  • 24 hours per day continuous power
  • More predictable than wind and solar
  • More output in winter when solar irradiation is reduced
  • Increases power output from seabed lease areas (combined wind/wave parks)
  • Diversifies the renewable energy supply (reduces need for storage)
  • Minimal environmental impact

mWave™ features a series of air-inflated rubber membrane covered concave cells mounted to a structure below the ocean’s surface creating an air-filled volume. To maximise energy capture, the structure is arranged at an angle to the incoming waves. As waves pass overhead, air is pushed out of each cell through a series of valves into a one-way air-duct . The cells are refilled once the wave has passed. The flexible membrane is made from industrial grade rubber.

The air flow in the duct drives an unidirectional flow turbine which in turns drives a variable-speed generator. This type of turbine and generator are off-the shelf technology, even if adapted for the mWave™ operating envelope.

Electricity from the generator is transferred to the shore via a sub-sea cable. Following a process of power conditioning, the electricity is delivered into the local grid.

World Wave Map


Partnership and Investment with MOL

BOMBORA & MOL partnership

Japan is exploring various ways of harnessing energy from the sea, including tidal and wave power and ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC), which exploits the difference in temperature between the surface and the deep ocean. Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd. has invested in UK-based Bombora Wave Power to explore the potential for the technology in Japan and Europe. The company is also promoting OTEC and began operating a 100 kW demonstration facility in Okinawa in April, according to Yasuo Suzuki, general manager of the corporate marketing division.

MOL-Bombora wave energy project in Mauritius gets subsidy from Japan

Japanese shipping giant Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) has informed that its proposed wave energy project in Mauritius, to be developed with Bombora Wave Power, received subsidy from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan.

Off Shore Energy


BOMBORA – BLOOMBERG Made in Cymru BBC Off Shore Energy


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