WATER From Air

Mesh Water Collector

Fog harvesting purpose is to produce clean fresh water from vaporized water in fog.

Over the few past decades, the attention towards fog collection has increased. It is simple, sustainable technology and low-cost system to produce clean water in dry regions around the world.

Fog collector systems work best in locations with repeated fog terms, such as places where fog is driven by wind, usually coastal areas. However, this technology could also be used in mountainous areas where water is presented in stratocumulus clouds, at altitudes of approximately 2,000-6,500 ft.
These fogs have the potential to provide an alternative source of freshwater.

Plant feed depends entirely on water droplets from fog or clouds, which is considered as water vapor or water in gaseous form. After entering the system, the feed will be condensed and produce a final product of a liquid drinking water.

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