• Meat Free eating – Rise by 74%
  • 44 % eat Meat Free and Rising
  • Less people eat meat daily
  • 74% choose plant based for healthier life style
  • Alternative protein industry increased

All research attached and approved:

Take a look at the Frequency in Food, high Energy Food at the Top, (Do not confuse energy with Calories)

Take a look at the Frequency in Food, high Energy Food at the Top, (Do not confuse energy with Calories)

The statistics bear out his comments. The number of vegans in Britain quadrupled between 2014 and 2019, according to a survey for the Vegan Society.

Meanwhile, almost half (49%) of Britons are now limiting their meat consumption, or not eating it at all, found research this year from market research group Mintel. This was up from 41% in 2020.

  • The sign-ups for the Veganuary campaign – where people eat vegan for the month of January – hit record highs in 2022, with over 629,000 people signing-up from 228 countries and territories. In comparison, there were 582,000 particpants in 2021, 400,000 participants in 2020, 250,000 in 2019, 168,500 in 2018; 59,500 in 2017; 23,000 in 2016; 12,800 in 2015; and just 3,300 in 2014. Sources: [1], [2], [3]
  • A global survey conducted in 2021 by Rakuten found that 81% of consumers had tried plant-based milk, 48% had tried other dairy alternatives, 44% had tried vegan meat alternatives, and 25% had tried a vegan egg replacements. Source
  • In a 2021 global survey by NSF, 88% of food industry practitioners said that they expect demand for plant-based products to increase. 74% said they thought consumers choose plant-based for a healthier lifestyle, and 60% believed it’s to be more environmentally friendly. Source
  • In 2021, the UK was the most popular country for veganism, according to Google Trends, followed by Germany and Austria. Source
  • Google searches for “vegan food near me” experienced a more than 5,000-percent increase in 2021. Source
  • The alternative protein industry raised $3.1 billion in investments in 2020 – three times more than in any single year in the industry’s history. Source
  • Plant-based meat, egg and dairy companies received $2.1 billion in investments in 2020 – the most capital in any single year in the industry’s history and more than three times the $667 million raised in 2019. Source
  • Average annual growth in global food and beverage launches with vegan and plant-based claims grew 21% and 58% between 2015-2019, respectively. Source: Innova Market Insights, The Future of Plant-based September 2020.
  • The vegan leather market is set to take over the animal leather market by 2025, by this time it is set to be worth nearly $90 billion. Sources: [1], [2]

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