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369 Manifestation technique is based on Nikola Tesla’s belief that the forces of energy, that are invisible to our human eye, can be used for manifestation.

He believed that 369 was a universal number (3·6·9) which holds special significance for anyone wishing to bring their dreams into reality.


This is the same as the Law of Attraction Principles, which was explained in the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, and to those who have used The Law of Attraction.

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Nikola Tesla and 369 Method

For those who don’t know, Nikola Tesla was a man of science during the 20th century. He is said to have invented the modern world in which we live today, and many people still believe that it was his knowledge that helped power such inventions as the radio, television, the internet, and radar.

In addition to having a very brilliant mind, however, Tesla was also known for his eccentric personality.

He lived alone in the New York City Waldorf-Astoria Hotel for many years where he conducted scientific experiments; he aimed to collect energy directly from what is today called ‘Zero Point Energy’. He also had at least one obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) habit, and he would stick to certain routines in which he would clean his body constantly.

According to some of Tesla’s biographers, Tesla was quite a fan of the numbers 3 6 and 9. It is said that 369 was the only prime number that could be exactly divided by every single number between 1 and 369.

Tesla once said: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

How The 369 Method Truly Works

How The 369 Method Truly Works

It is important to know that the 369 methods are not actually a “new” method at all. The original idea of these methods was conceived by Nikola Tesla himself back in 1927 when he published an article entitled ‘The Transmission of Electricity Without Wires As A Means Of Furthering World Peace’, in which he shared his thoughts on how to improve the transmission of electricity.

These methods are said to be effective because when you change your feelings about what you want, then the manifestation process will lead you toward those things instead.

It is said that in order for one’s intentions to materialize, it is very important that one has a clear vision of the outcome one is wanting to create.

If we all have a clear vision, then it is said that we can use these methods to boost that manifestation process and strengthen our intent.

This will enable us to make sure that what we are bringing into our life aligns with what we want instead of just taking whatever the universe gives us – as it is said, “misery loves company”.

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How to Follow the 369 Manifestation Method

The simple version of the 369 manifestation technique requires finding an affirmation that resonates with you and your desire. 

 (Affirmations are basically statements or mantras that you repeat to yourself in order to facilitate the manifestation of something.)

According to a study, the brain processes information in 17 seconds.

This is why you should use this rule while framing affirmations so that they can be well-received by your subconscious mind!

Writing down your affirmation takes some time, so you should make sure to spend at least 17 seconds doing it!

 You’re striving to connect with the Universe through your subconscious mind and in order for that connection to be successful it takes 17 seconds. And those few seconds are worth so much more than what they cost!

The next step involves writing down your affirmation three times in the morning, six times at noon, and nine times at night.

 You should continue this ritual for 45 days or until you see a change take place in your life!

 Many TikTok users are claiming they’ve seen success with the Manifestation Method.

Some have even said they’ve reunited with an ex-partner or former friend by using the 369 method specifically.

For example by writing their ex’s name 3 times, their intention 6 times, and then an action 9 times (e.g. James 3 times in the morning, We will get back together 6 times in the afternoon, He will call me 9 times at night). 

It basically means you should write your manifestation down 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening (as mentioned above). 

Try Writing down the exact goal you want to manifest in as much detail as possible.

For example, writing exactly what you are looking to manifest in your life, the motives behind it, and the outcome.

Include specific actions that will help you bring forth these manifestations into your reality.

Be sure to put more of an emphasis on 3 6 and 9 when writing your affirmation so that it resonates with our subconscious mind.

Another 3 methods here:

Method 1:

Write down you desires, what you want and why. Be grateful for what you have and about to receive

Read this 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, 8 times before going to bed


I (your name) I am grateful for all the love and joy in my life.

I wish for World peace, abundance and Freedom for all sentient beings immediately.

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Method 2:
Think about what you want from the universe.
Hold that thought for 17 seconds!
Why 17 seconds? Interestingly enough it goes back to one of our sacred numbers, seven minus one equals 6 (7-1=6).
Also you want to hold the thought long enough for it to have some momentum. It doesn’t exactly need to be 17 seconds, but at least 17 seconds or longer.
Keep in mind that the 17 seconds applies only to speaking it out loud or in your mind, actually writing it will take much longer.
Write down the sentence three times in the morning.
Let it go and go on about your day. It’s crucial that you “let it go” because you want to release it into the universe, you’rtelling the universe “this is my desire, I completely trust you”.
In the evening, write it down six times.
Visualize it, imagine it, feel it, and let it go!
Before you go to sleep write it down once again, this time nine times!
That way you can go into a positive dream state and manifest it in your dreams.
Continue to do this process for a span of at least 33 or 45 days or until it comes true.
Express gratitude and thank the universe in your sentence.

Method 3:
Write your focus 3 times.
The intention of your focus 6 times explaining why you need it to happen.
Plus the action that you’re expecting 9 times.
Express gratitude and thank the universe in your sentence or in your thoughts.
Continue to do this process everyday for 33 or 45 days or until it comes true.

– I want a better job. (3x)

– Because I need to provide for myself and my family. (6x)

– I will receive news that I’ve been hired. (9x)

– Thank you universe for this amazing new job that brought me financial freedom, new friendships, joy, satisfaction and has opened new doors in my career.

In addition, to doing the method you must also follow ALL these steps to make your manifestation come true:

Be crystal clear on what you want. If there is a hint of doubt in the statement you’re writing, rewrite it until you completely believe in it!
Express gratitude to the universe and write it as if you already have what you’re desiring.
Completely give yourself in to the process and trust the universe!
Clear your resistance! It’s normal to feel frustrated and impatient, but remind yourself to relax and let go. Get yourself in a positive state of mind before manifesting, pretty thoughts bring great energy and positive things!
Acknowledge progress. Maybe the universe hasn’t completely granted your whole desire, but it’s important to acknowledge any bit of progress that comes your way and be grateful to the universe.
Why it works…
The sacred numbers 369 will drive in your manifestation energy. This will make your manifestation come much faster and much more effective, as you will become aligned with the rhythm of the universe. Just remember: “think it, write it, visualize it, and express gratitude”. It’s important to write your gratitude statement as it already has happened and mention positive feelings like joy and satisfaction. It’s also crucial to mention how your manifestation will overall make you feel in order to amplify the overall meaning of why you need this to happen and what feelings it will bring to your life.

In addition, I recommend keeping a journal destined to your manifestations, that way you can easily have them all together and check which ones came true (hopefully all of them!). Reciting what you’re writing out loud is also a great way to speak it into the universe. You’d be surprised how powerful the mind is when you express to the universe your true desires.

The 369 manifestation method is incredibly powerful and has recently gone viral on social media, (you might have seen it on TikTok or on YouTube). Since going viral more and more people of any age have had amazing success stories from it. I have personally used it and I highly recommend it!

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