UK Resident Sign up to stop your council using Glyphosate

UK Residents See if your Council has joined the campaign

Containing the same ingredient GLYPHOSATE as Roundup made by Bayer who have so far been sued by 125,000 cancer patients for $12 Billion and rising, in an ongoing class action.

Avoiding court by settling out of court.

British Medical Journal

Letter to UN to end partnership with pesticide industry and uphold HUMAN RIGHTS

“…. uphold human rights and end its partnership with CropLife International. CropLife is the industry association that represents the world’s largest pesticide manufacturers.”

Read: Letter to UN

Croplife- UN Partners – Glyphosate is Safe?

In 2018 an article on health appeared in the back pages of the “Money” of The Sun:

“KILLER RECALL Wilko and Homebase could pull weedkiller from shelves as US lawsuit finds link to cancer”

In 2018 The Mirror reported on the first successful case against Roundup, Bayer;
“The jury’s decision also appears to go against the largest study done into the herbicide, carried out by the UN and World Health Organisation in 2016, which said the chemical was “unlikely to pose a carcinogenic risk to humans from exposure through the diet”.

80 UK Councils have banned Glyphosate use in parks and Roads, is your council on the list


Glyphosate Warning

In 2022 Glyphosate is available in UK today around the world:

Glyphosate has a market Share of $9 Billion

Although the Monsanto case has been publicised, Glyphosate is still profiteering all around the Globe:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • South America
  • RoW (Africa and the Middle East)

WHO – Glyphosate -Slightly Hazordous

Perhaps World Health Organisation need to review there position of Glyphosate, or one of the cases needs to push for it to banned and not settle out of court.

Glyphosate Study by WHO page 89 to 227


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