Frequency in Food


(Do not confuse mhz with Calories, that I counted by burning using calorimity Burning Box!)

Bruce Taino developed Frequency Measuring devices in the 1990’s BT3 Frequency Monitor – CRM’s and how Organic Vegetables came to be.

Read more on Taino and how thousands of farms changed the way they grow and treat food today

“In the age of information,

You have NO reason to be misinformed “


In the early 1960s, Bruce began his career as a plant breeder and microbiologist. During that time, he developed many food crop and flower seed varieties for seed companies around the world. Early in his career,, lowering crop productivity and the nutritional value of our food.

In his continuous quest for excellence, he began studying the role of microbial activity in the soil and how it affected the health of plants.

Today, farmers around the world use Tainio’s products and sustainable agriculture methods.

As a hobby, Bruce was an inventor and a student of energy and quantum physics, which lead him to invent several instruments, which minimize environmental stress from electromagnetic frequencies.

These instruments are now being used in households, businesses, and on farms and factories around the world, and manufactured by Tainio Technology’s sister company, Coherent Resources.

Bruce Taino Legacy

…. CONVENTIONAL growing practices and over-use of agricultural chemicals were destroying the earth’s natural ecosystem

Frequency in Food

A Breakdown of the Chart

Starting from the top with the highest frequency food.

These Foods Are The Highest Nutrition Known To ManKind. “Chemical Sunlight”

“Chemical Sunlight”
Wheatgrass, Phytoplankton,
Chlorophyl, Essential Oils

52hz – 320hz
“Life Force Energy”
Raw chocolate, Seaweed, Raw Cocoa, spirulina, Lemons, Goji Berries, Mangsteen, Limes

Consume Raw
Apples, blueberries, Cocunut, avocados, Melons, Rasberries, Puneapple, Mangoes, Strawberries, Bananas, Peaches, Lychee, Grapes, Cherries, Oranges, “Raw” Nuts, Dates
🍏 🍌 🥑🍉 🍐🍊🥭🍑 🍎

Cabbage Lettuce, Spinach Peas, Kale, Cauliflower, Carrots, Beets, Parsnip, Turnip, Pumpkin, Potatoe, Sweet potatoe, Yam, Beans, “Roasted Nuts”
🥬 🥗🥦🥕🍠🥔🥒 🥜

Eggs, Cheese, Milk, Cream, Whip, Butter, Lard, Cake, Cookies, Stones, Doughnuts, Dairy baked goods, Dairy Sauces, Dairy Drinks, Dressings with Dairy.
🥚 🥛 🧀 🍪 🧈 🍰 🧁 🍩

Hot dogs, Pizza, Meat burrito, Steak, Poultry, Pork, Lamb, Duck, Veil, Buffalo, Turkey, Shrimp, Lobster (Bottom Feeders).
🥩 🍖 🥓 🍕🍟🌮🧆🥘🍤

Bruce Tainio’s – frequency of the Human Body:

  • Brain frequency of a genius: 80- 82 MHZ
  • Brain frequency range: 72-90 MHZ
  • Normal brain frequency: 72 MHz
  • Human body frequency: 62-78 MHZ
  • Human body frequency from neck up: 72-78 MHZ
  • Human body frequency: neck toneck: 60-68 MHZ
  • Thyroid and parathyroid glandsare: 62-68 MHZ
  • Timo frequency: 65-68 MHZ
  • Heart rate: 67-70 MH7
  • Lung frequency: 58-65 MHZ
  • Liver frequency: 55-60 MHZ
  • Pancreas frequency: 60-80 MHz
  • Colds and flu from: 57-60 MHZ
  • The disease starts with: 58 MHZ
  • Candida super growth starts at: 55 MHZ
Humans are mostly Water
Eat the Rainbow

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