Environmental impacts of food

Lower Meat Consumption Advise

94% Carbon output is due to raising, homing, storing Livestock.

Meat consumption has risen 10 times faster than humanity, with US, USA, Canada rising 15 times more per person, also by “coincidence” the countries with worst health.

Even more shocking since WHO have been advising since 2002 to reduce consumption putting “Red Meat” in Group 1, high risk like Tabacco


Data From Environmental Impacts of Food Production an article first published in 2018, revised in 2020.

What are the environmental impacts of food and agriculture? 

The visualization below shows a summary of some of the main global impacts:

  • Food accounts for over a quarter (26%) of global greenhouse gas emissions1;
  • Half of the world’s habitable (ice- and desert-free) land is used for agriculture;
  • 70% of global freshwater withdrawalsare used for agriculture2;
  • 78% of global ocean and freshwater eutrophication (the pollution of waterways with nutrient-rich pollutants) is caused by agriculture3;
  • 94% of mammal biomass (excluding humans) is livestock. This means livestock outweigh wild mammals by a factor of 15-to-1.4 Of the 28,000 species evaluated to be threatened with extinction on the IUCN Red List, agriculture and aquaculture is listed as a threat for 24,000 of them.5

Food, therefore, lies at the heart of trying to tackle climate change, reducing water stress, pollution, restoring lands back to forests or grasslands, and protecting the world’s wildlife.

The below graphs clearly show raising animals to feed humans has a huge impact on land, the environment and Climate, says a study by Our World from 2020 and rehashed by WEF in March 2022

94% Livestock
Carbon Output
WEF Version

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