A Solar Storm hitting Earth

Dramatic Headlines of Computers going down… Again!

This Solar storm is no worse than what we have experienced before, this is a common occurrence

A solar storm has been brewing and is set for contact with the Earth’s magnetic sphere on March 31. The space weather phenomenon is a disturbance in particles thrown out by the electromagnetic eruptions of the sun. It will comes as sunspot AR2975 erupted on March 28, triggering what is known as a solar flare.

They continue, Sunspots form in areas where magnetic fields are particularly strong and appear as a dark patch on the Sun’s surface.

[The dramatic headlines today in The express Solar ‘tsunami’ sparks radio blackout before storm makes direct Earth hit …] – Solar Storms are common occurrence, for those of us that having been watching Schumann Resonance for years:

Dramatic Headlines July 21
Facebook Post November 2021

A solar flare is a sudden explosion of energy caused by tangling or crossing of magnetic field lines near sunspots.

According to SpaceWeather.com, the blast triggered a “solar tsunami” that came charging through the Sun’s atmosphere.

The M-4 class flare sparked radio blackouts, according to space weather physicist Tamitha Skov.

Schumann Resonance

What is Schumann Resonance

Schumann Resonance affects human:

100’s of confirmations of various symptoms, Facebook

A lot of Activity

Find out how Solar storms and Schumann Resonance Effects Humans

How does Schumann Resonance Effect Humans:


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