Lewis Hamilton (Sir) is Plant-based NOT Vegan

Lewis Hamilton Plant Based ❤️

The Vegan band wagon loves to confuse people, wrapping plant-based and Vegan into one, to push commercialised, chemical filled products; Pushing all the boundaries, on not only Plant Based, but what we actually is Classed Food.

Speaking exclusively to Men’s Health UK, Hamilton explains that while he grew up eating meat, as he’s grown older he’s become more aware of the impact his diet has on his performances and the planet. So when he was looking for ways to boost his Energy Levels in order to make him more consistent on the track, he experimented with a plant-based diet, and in his own words “it’s frickin’ changed my life”.

“I have more energy; I’m so much more productive,” says Hamilton. “I wake up feeling way better, clearer in thought and fresher in my body. I recover quicker; I sleep better. My skin cleared up. I have fewer allergies. There are just so many impacts.”

Lewis Hamilton’s Daily Plant-Based Diet

Plantbased Vegan Vegetarian


“I’ll get up and I’ll have avocado on toast in the morning, for example, or if I’m cutting carbs, I’d have avocado and fruit in the morning and a smoothie,” says Hamilton. “I always have smoothies. I love having various smoothies with plant-based protein. I generally have that probably two or three times a day because it’s super quick, super easy, put it in the blender and you can take it with you.”


“For lunch I’ll always have salads,” Hamilton admits. “My salads usually include avocado and lots of vegetables.”


“For dinner,” Hamilton says, “I love plant-based curries which are a little bit more fattening, but they taste great.” When he’s not eating plant-based curries for dinner, he’ll either eat something like a “big salad” or Middle Eastern food, like falafels.

"I am plant-based, i eat fresh fruit and Vegetables... When Ion competitions always have a lot of nuts, protein bars, my only regret is i wish i did it sooner, i have more energy" says Hamilton.
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“When I go to events always have a lot of nuts, protein bars, and all those things. I’m generally snacking through the day,” says Hamilton.

Whats That in your Bread?

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