Meditation, Melatonin, Migraines

Meditation and a change in diet to increase melatonin production to prevent migraines

An example of 2 studies show significant results on migraines by using Spiritual Meditation and administering melatonin.

Over the years many studies, available online have shown similar results.

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Research has found the pineal hormone melatonin is low in migraine patients. Additionally, several studies found administering melatonin to migraine sufferers relieved pain and decreased headache recurrence in some cases. It has been suggested melatonin may play an important therapeutic role in the treatment of migraines and other types of headaches,

The therapeutic potential of melatonin in migraines and other headache types

Compared to the other three groups, those who practiced spiritual meditation had greater decreases in the frequency of migraine headaches, anxiety, and negative affect, as well as greater increases in pain tolerance, headache-related self-efficacy, daily spiritual experiences, and existential well being.

Migraines and meditation: does spirituality matter?

Spiritual Meditation

Meditation and breath work have become a commercial commodity, the teacher making it long winded, insisting on a series of courses.

Here is a beautifully well made video, so well explained, enabling me to meditate anywhere.

Once you have watched it, you will always remember this technique:

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Learn to meditate anywhere:

Learn to Meditate Anywhere
Graphic showing 2 columns 1s with plant based products high in Melatonin:
Pistachios, mushrooms, Coffee, St.Johns Wort, Red Rice, Barley, oats, cranberry,
Melatonin High Food

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