The Ankh


The Ankh as a symbol is the stylized representation of the earthly and spiritual man, while the archetype leads back to the life force in motion. By uniting the lower, earthly / material part, with the upper, spiritual / divine part, a key is obtained. In this case the key has the function to open.

The Ankh represents the access key to one’s inner self.

The term Ankh means both key and mirror. Let’s find out the connections to this term together. The mirror reflects an image, it reflects who we are.

Ankh also means “mirror”. The linguistic correspondence reflects the following similarity: the key opens on the basis of what we are, on the basis of our vibration, in particular the opening of the heart.

The Ankh

Man is the key to access the human and spiritual dimensions.

The key of the Ankh is the access key to the inner worlds and always responds to one’s inner vibration.

To access the invisible worlds, the Ankh can be reactivated internally as the archetype of the key it represents. This is why activating the Ankh is a real initiatory process. The fact of feeling it internally, of carrying it and of reconnecting to it, leads us back to our sense of existence: ascending towards the Light.

Prolonging the vertical axis, the circle embraces the light of the Sun or the Moon or the Great Light at the center of the Cosmos, while extending downwards it reaches the heart of Mother Earth.

Our heart, as represented in the Ankh, is the center of this connection, and is united with the hearts of Mother Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Cosmos as a single beat, a single breath, returning to Oneness with the Whole.

There is a vertical connection, a union of hearts, which unifies the earthly and spiritual dimensions.

There is a horizontal connection, in which the arms are the extensions of the heart that embrace and unify the earthly and spiritual dimensions.

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What did Nikola Tesla know?

Via Forbidden Knowledge

NikolaTesla rediscovered the power of the DjedPillar (Ankh)

These oscillators are expressly intended to operate on direct and alternating lighting circuits and to generate damped and undamped oscillations or currents of any frequency, volume and tension within the widest limits.

They are compact, self-contained, require no care for long periods of time and will be found very convenient and useful for various purposes as, wireless telegraphy and telephony; conversion of electrical energy; formation of chemical compounds through fusion and combination; synthesis of gases; manufacture of ozone; lighting; welding; municipal, hospital, and domestic sanitation and sterilization, and numerous other applications in scientific laboratories and industrial institutions.

While these transformers have never been described before, the general principles underlying them were fully set forth in my published articles and patents, more particularly those of September 22, 1896, and it is thought, therefore, that the appended photographs of a few types, together with a short explanation, will convey all the information that may be desired. The essential parts of such an oscillator are: a condenser, a self-induction coil for charging the same to a high potential, a circuit controller, and a transformer which is energized by the oscillatory discharges of the condenser.

There are at least three, but usually four, five or six, circuits in tune and the regulation is effected in several ways, most frequently merely by means of an adjusting screw. Under favorable conditions an efficiency as high as 85% is attainable, that is to say, that percentage of the energy supplied can be recovered in the secondary of the transformer. While the chief virtue of this kind of apparatus is obviously due to the wonderful powers of the condenser, special qualities result from concatenation of circuits under observance of accurate harmonic relations, and minimization of frictional and other losses which has been one of the principal objects of the design.

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